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Joy Clementts
Gillian Collins

Trish Crabtree
Sandra Evans

Jeannette Ferguson
Margaret Grover

Pat Hill
Carol Howlett
Brenda Hyatt
Cherrie Lawrence
Barbara Perkins
Patricia Sadler
Sheila Sadler

Pat Smith
Carol Sykes

Margaret Arneil
Ann Butcher
Lorraine Cottey
Irene Cremin

Rosaleen Cremin
Jean Gilbert
Ann Grossman
Sandra Johnson
Val Lever
Jennifer McAlpine

Pamela McGlashon
Rosalie Mickleburgh
Arlyne Meyers (Dec’d)
Sandra Patel (Dec’d)
Georgina Osborne

Patricia Reade
Christine Rothon
Geraldine Shean
Christine Staniforth
Freda Waters
Angela Whitham
Geraldine Wright

Brenda Allen (Dec’d)
Janet Allington (Left 1961)
Lorraine Bensilum

Jane Clark
Barbara Clementts
Jacqueline Colby (Dec’d)
Janet Devis
Val Diggines
Lynda Ellis

Eileen Fifield
Sandra Garrett
Jennifer Garry

Carole Harman
Julie Harris
Ivy Hinton
Valerie Hopkins
Pamela Jones
Lesley McAlpine
Yvonne Mahoney
Janet Maynard
Ann Moller
Rosalind Moss

Janice Plumb
Christine Ratcliffe
Delia Revington
Jennifer Richards
Pauline Ryan
Jacqueline Skelton

Kathleen Smith
Jill Stubbs
Wendy Taylor

Carolyn Thomas
Linda Vince
Jennifer Want

Lynn Aldridge
Marion Allsopp
Tina Birse
Mavis Hatcliffe
Susan Hewson
Jacqueline Holigan

Christine Maskell
Patricia Minton
Helen Rankin
Val Riddell

Tricia Rowe
Mary Slack
Elizabeth Walker
Susan Williams

Irene Willis

Lesley Andrews

Patricia Camp
Marie Chapman
Roberta De’Ath

Marilyn Diggines
Jeannine Dignum
Sandra Edmunds
Gillian Field (Left 1962)

Linda Hall
Mary Harvey
Brenda Holmes
Sandra Holmes

Glynis Hyde
Pat Joslin
Christine Linley
Linda Mara
Georgina Miller
Joanne Mills

Janet Parker
Doreen Pepper
Joy Pollard
Linda Price

Karenza Rowe
Anne Stimson
Judy Stubbs
Val Walsh
Pauline Watson

Barbara Allum
Barbara Axtell
Marilyn Barnard

Christine Barnett
Irene Brown
Susan Carpenter

Vivien Curtis
Hazel Davis
Christine Draper
Mary Hare
Valerie Hopson
Gwendoline Hughes
Penny Hutchins
Linda Jordan
Jenny Lines

Joy Lucas
Sandra Maslin
Cherry Morgan
Caroline Partis

Frances Pickering
Susan Scott
Suzanne Sharpen

Alexis Smith
Patricia Stothard
Jacqueline Terry
Christine Ward

Cheryl Watson

Marilyn Bailey

Pauline Carpenter
Maxine Cole
Allison Cottey
Barbara Edwards

Carol Hill
Marilyn Hudson
Christine Jones
Pam Miller

Christine Nash
Susan O’Connell
Caroline Partis

Linda Paton
Wendy Phelps
Mary Philo
Gillian Pumfrett

Hazel Punton
Susan Rainbird
Evelyn Shiell
Brenda Smith
Pam Wilkinson

Linda Amos

Veronica Applegate
Christine Baker
Diane Cockerton
Elaine Corton
Rose Dennis
Shirley Farrow
Lynne Goodman

Barbara Gray
Susan Haseler

Penny Lister
Janice Lucas

Ann McGowan
Susan McGuire

Kay Mortimer
Sandra Newins
Elizabeth O’Connell
Julia Parrot
Anne Seears

Christine Smith
Sue Taylor
Christine Wilson
Ann Wise
Lesley Wright

Lynn Bloxham

Doreen Greenspan
Martine Gregory
Lynne Harris
Susan Leonard
Jackie Pratt
Julie Stannard

Jean Thorne
Christine Windle
Carolyn Wright

Carolyn Agombar
Elaine Barrett
Jackie Brotherston

Janice Browne
Janice Burr
Lorraine Camp
Marilyn Churches
Meryl Dore
Eileen Dunn
Anne Herbert

Christine Hoye
Carole Jarvis
Brenda Lee

Yvonne Marsh
Laura Phillips
Dorothy Richardson
Patricia Terry
Ann Watson (Dec’d)





Girls School Pupils Who Left 1960 to 1969 — 16 Comments

  1. Rose Dennis has added her name to the 1967 Girls School Pupil List.

  2. I was in Miss Hudson’s class with Nicola Cooper, Sandra Newins and Pauline Edwards. I used to be on Friends Reunited and Sandra contacted me through that forum.

  3. Valerie Hopson has added her name to the 1965 Girls School Pupil List.

  4. I was at the school from 1964 to 1969. Miss Rayward was head and Miss Hobby deputy head. My form tutors were Miss Young, Mrs Nicholson, Mrs Taylor and Miss Barry.

  5. Linda Jordan class of 1965 added to Pupil List.

  6. I left school in 1963. Can’t say I’ve missed a day of it. It felt like four years of an exercise in terror, and the teachers got paid for inflicting it.

  7. Indeed a lot of harsh chastisement went on in those days. Many teachers obviousely seemed to enjoyed it, canings, rulering, blackboard rulers, slippers, the heel of one of those plimsole things called Bumpers, chucking blackboard rubbers and chalk at us. And all mainly for very paltry minor offenses,often for like just whispering in class, Even our RE master Mr Fry kept a cane in his cupboard, who’d have thought an RE master of all people would use one. Unlike today where often horrid malicious deeds take place by pupils at school which often go unpunished,and certainly not the punishments described above.

  8. Hello, does anyone remember my Mum, Patricia Playle? She would have been 11 in 1960. I am making a scrap book for her 70th birthday and would love to find some old school photo’s. Her best friend was Linda, sorry not sure of her surname. Thank you.

  9. Sadly a former Mayfield girls school pupil passed away suddenly and unexpectedly, at her home in Navestock, Essex, on January 5th. aged 70. DIANE JAMES attended the school from approx. 1960 and lived at that time in Glendale Gardens, Chadwell Heath and went on to work at Proctor & Gamble, Goodmayes and then Silcock & Colling where she became Personnel manager. Her funeral will take place at Bentley Crematorium, Ongar Road, Kelvedon Hatch CM15 9RZ. The service will be conducted by friend and former Mayfield boys school pupil Roy Tyzack, acting as lay celebrant.
    Anyone wishing to attend will be very welcome but please contact Roy to let him know for catering reasons. (01277 372285 / 07775 128672)

  10. Marion Allsopp added to Pupil List for 1963.

  11. I was very sorry to hear about the death of Diane James. We were very good friends from Infant School through to Senior School and beyond. We went on holiday together and spent a lot of time together over the years. Sadly we lost touch but I will always remember her great sense of humour and special friendship.

  12. Patricia Playe – I had a good friend Patricia when I was at Mayfield, what was her maiden name? She married Cliff I believe.

    To avoid confusion, Linda, all Girls School members are listed by maiden names. – Tony Gocke

  13. I left Mayfield Girls, Chadwell Heath, in 1964. My teacher was Mrs Dyer. If you could add me to your list for that time it would be great. If you know of any leaving photos for that time I would be grateful.
    Kind regards

    Hi Sandra – Click HERE to scroll through two pages of Girls School Photos from 1960 to 1969 – Tony Gocke

  14. I left Mayfield School July 1960. Now live in Australia, NSW. Great friend to Jean Doe, who lived in Fulham. Is anyone in contact with her as I would love to hear from her.

    Sandra Evans

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