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April Barski

Anna Clark
Janet Fisher
Susan George

Janet Gibbons
Jacqueline Gordon
Jennifer Gosling

Elaine Hammond
Julie Hooper

Patricia Jamieson
Denise Johnson
Susan Joyce
Susan Lee
Pat Saltwell

Lorraine Stevenson
Patricia Stutely
Barbara Syrett
Lynne Thomas
Jacqui Watson

Kim Allen
Tarsem Bahra

Carol Barr
Susan Brackley
Jan Cummings
Gillian Hunt
Diane Keates
Christine King (Dec’d)

Bridget Lyons
Susan Mann
Judy Manning
Jill Marshall
Gillian Riddell

Janet Stone
Hazel Walker
Susan Wellman
Mandy Young

Michele Bloxham
Jill Brett
Jean Callaghan

Mary Constantinou
Anita Fairmaner
Alison Manby
Janice Morgan
Gillian Posner

Jacqueline Seidman
Susan Stokes
Heather Stoneley

Frances Taylor
Susan Venus
Karen Warminger
Elaine Willmott

Deborah Allum
Diane Angier

Sue Browne
Ann Fisher
Susan Holton
Betty Hutton
Marion King
Stephanie Kline

Gretta Lorenson
Julia Phillips
Terry Pohl
Susan Stokes

Judith Wright

Elaine Andrews

Julie Bennett
Michelle Bowman
Elaine Garnham
Margaret Halligan
Lisa Hill
Carol Pleydell
Gillian Putt
Pauline Richardson
Gill Stallard
Susan Talbot
Benita Tash
Karen Tisser

Sandra Andrews
Janine Barker

Christine Birch
Carol Blackwell

Daryl Carpenter
Gina Chapman

Jenny Clarke
Julie Farnfield
Jill Foley
Kim Gardiner

Sharon Gregory
Julie Harvey
Kim Halstead
Trudy Hedges
Susan Kingdon
Sharon Lawson

Cheryl Morl
Linda Neville
Vivienne Potter

Kim Reynolds
Jacqui Richardson
Lesley Rowland
Debra Smith

Jeanette Stamp
Patricia Thomas
Frances Venner

Dawn Barnes

Sharon Beaumont
Sharon Billington
Wendy Brand
Janice Camp
Louise Carey
Tina Caton
Pauline Cullen
Lynda Cummings

Carole Davis
Wendy Garnham
Sue Green
Carole Hales
Jackie Harvey
Melanie Jackson
Susan Jones

Loraine Jordan
Susan Lanagan
April Lewis
Denise Lilley
Karen McGrath
Sharon Nye
Michelle Oddy
Puspa Patel
Penny Pearson
Susan Popplewell
Stephanie Reece
Dianne Rogers
Linda Salter
Deborah Shephard
Debra Sidey

Ann Simpson
Jacky Taylor
Christina Tentis
Melanie Thompson

Susan Vorley
Yvonne Westley
Shirley Weston
Linda Wilson

Jennifer Allchurch
Georgina Bowers
Karen Campbell
Sandra Corderoy

Joanne Dunn
Carolyn Ebsworth
Karen Fisher
Susan Hayden
Jaqueline Hudson
Lorraine Keeler
Jacqueline Knight

Gillian Morgan
Lynda Osborne
Rowena Pheasant
Anita Rackham
Janice Redburn
Patricia Rollinson
Tracy Rutter
Wendy Sambrook
Deborah Smith
Nicole Tinenti

Elizabeth Wallace
Deborah Willats

Lynne Adams
Karen Ash

Mandy Bolton
Susan Boyce
Caron Brown
Mandy Brown

Linda Breame
Tina Calder
Helen Carline

Julie Cooper
Ann Cross
Julie Dear
Sherrie Downes

Tracy Ellis
Jane Farnfield
Lynn Gaitely

Cherry Gallivan
Julie Greenspan
Tina Griggs

Sharon Halsall
Karen Hardy

Adrienne Harper
Janet Harris
Susan Hockley
Charmaine Hodge

Tracy Impey
Alison Jackson

Dawn King
Alexandra Knowles
Janice Logan
Deborah Marks

Clare McCarthy
Lita McConnell
Kerry Newell
Pam Nicholson
Tracey O’Brien

Rita Patel
Elaine Ponter
Lorraine Popperwell
Rosmarie Rowden
Jacqueline Rozee
Melanie Sathiaraj
Jeanmarie Storey

Wendy Surridge
Elaine Tree
Julie Tunnicliff

Elizabeth Wallace
Jane Wallen
Carol Weeks

Melanie Williams
Jacqueline Windsor

Alison Archer

Susan Bixby
Amelia Darius
Debbie Moth

Kathleen O’Regan
Debbie Potter
Julia Riley

Julie Rowe
Heidi Sims
Gail Wallace

Asima Bakhshi
Tina Sheppard
Tracey Squibb

Claire Stoneley
Sharon Terry
Tracy Williams

Lorraine Smith

Sandra Meah
Debbie Southon



Girls School Pupils Who Left 1970 to 1982 — 31 Comments

  1. Julia Riley has added her name to the 1979 Girls School Pupil List.

  2. Susan Stokes has added her name to the 1973 Girls School Pupil List.

  3. I was in Mr Branches class when I left. I remember so many friends from there and thanks to FB have reunited with Steph Kline and Hazel Cochrane. Please if any of you remember me get in touch would love to hear from you. Jill Allen, Kay Williams, Gill Forster, Pat Judge, Louise Southwell, Lynn Bonnyhood, Sheila Baldwin, Heather Clarke, to name but a few.

  4. Stephanie Kline has added her name to the 1973 Girls School Pupil List.

  5. Jill Brett has added her name to the 1972 Girls School Pupil List.

  6. Pauline Cullen has added her name to the 1976 Girls School Pupil List.

  7. Ann Cross has added her name to the 1978 Girls School Pupil List.

  8. Tracey O’Brien has added her name to the 1978 Girls School Pupil List.

  9. Carol Weeks has added her name to the 1978 Girls School Pupil List.

  10. Jill Horsnell has added her name to the 1978 Girls School Pupil List.

  11. Rosemary Rowden has added her name to the 1978 Girls School Pupil List.

  12. Lita McConnell has added her name to the 1978 Girls School Pupil List.

  13. Asima Bakhshi has added her name to the 1980 Girls School Pupil List.

  14. Hi

    I went to Mayfield girls school 1972/78. I lived in Kingswood Road, Seven Kings, Ilford. Please add to list.

    Tina Calder

  15. Would love to trace Karen Garrett and Anne Groves from the class of ’77. Is anyone in contact? Please add my name, Jennifer Allchurch

  16. Hi ladies not that good at Facebook and stuff but looking forward to the next reunion. Please add my name, Lynda Cummings.

  17. Lorraine Keeler, please add to list, I left in 1977.

  18. I remember Jean Callaghan, Julia Phillips, Cheryl Thompson, Julie Thompson, Hazel Trott, Wendy Gibbons and many more. Please add my name to Pupil List for 1972.

  19. Hi my name is Kim Gateson (formally Allen). I was at Mayfield from 1967-1971. I’d found my old leaving shirt and would love to find out how some of my old school friends are – Penny Skinner and Andrea Curd?

  20. Left mayfield girls in 1978..
    Please add me to your list
    Julie Dear

  21. I lost all my contacts from my Mayfield. I was in Mrs Butlers class and I left in May 1978.

  22. I left in in 1971, Gillian Riddell, please add me to your list

  23. Left South Park junior school and went to Mayfield Girls in 1968 to 1973. My teachers were Miss Thomas (1TS) Mrs Butler (2b2) Miss Webster (3W) then Mrs Tyler (4ty & 5ty). Was in Netball team & swimming team.

  24. Hi, I was at Mayfield between 1975 to 1980. I played Netball, taught by Mrs Crouch (R.I.P.), History: Mrs Tyler, Geography: Mrs Hearn. So many happy memories of the gloriously hot summer days sitting, or playing rounders, on the sports field. Happy days.

  25. My sister and I were both at Mayfield School. My sister, Christine, left in 1971, and I left in 1973. My Sister Christine passed away in 2015. These are our maiden names.

  26. I left in 1975
    Could you add me to the list please

  27. Hi Kim
    Been a long time how are you all? Where do you live now, and your mum and dad. My mum and dad are both gone now, my sister emigrated after mum died. I have 4 children and live in Upminster. Would love to hear from you?
    Lots of love Daryl Carpenter xxx

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