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  1. I remember Social and Economic History 1760 – 1914 that you taught us in the early 1960s. I left in 1965 and am still interested in History.

  2. I was a pupil in the same class (2B2?) along with Roger Hawke, John Hornby, Tony Eveleigh and many others. I remember the lessons focussed on democracy and the House of Commons. Later understood the interest and the significance. We were fortunate to have you as a teacher.

  3. I was a student teacher at Hockerill College. I remember you well, not just for your excellent lectures, but also for the fact that you gave me a glowing report! I am still a member of the Labour Party.

  4. I remember Ken showing up on BBC Look East regularly when he was an MP for Ipswich, still in his trademark grey suit, white shirt and red tie. I had a photo of him on a beach in Denmark, taken during a school summer holiday, buried in the sand along with Mr’s Cutting and Summers. I considered sending a copy into Look East back then, with the sub-title ‘Ken, up to his neck in it again’ but never quite had the nerve. I lost the photo some years ago but recently met up with Malcolm Staight who coincidentally still possesses his own photo of that very incident. You should send it in Malcolm, to this website that is, not Look East.

  5. Hi John

    I will see if I can dig the photo out some time, might take a bit of searching. I have a fair number of photos from both the Denmark and a year later the Germany school trip.

    Great memories

  6. I remember you clearly as one of the best teachers at Mayfield Boys School. I was in classes 1A2, 2A2, 3X2, 4E2 and 5E2. You awoke a great love of history in me and, to this day, it still fascinates me as I participate in my hobby of Field Archaeology. Many of us were sorry to see you leave the school.

  7. I remember Ken Weetch well. I knew him as a fellow teacher from 1963 to 1966. I remember his infectious laugh; he was never serious or glum for long! I took an extra qualification in History and he took pains to show me how write an historical essay. Thanks

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