1951 Visit To The Festival Of Britain — 5 Comments

  1. Hi Hazel. Great to see the pics you posted. I also have those two! Just one little point is that Sheila was actually Jakes not Jacobs, and she became Sheila bachelor. Unfortunately not kept in contact, but was thrilled to find this site.
    Margaret Wallace

  2. So good to hear from you, have you met up with any others from our year. I did meet up with Yvonne Roper who is very well, living half the year in England and half in Florida, very nice. A couple of years ago Enid Giles son dropped me a line to say she remembered me but does not use computers. I married John in 1960 and had one daughter, Samantha, she has two sons both the apple of my eye, adorable now 21 and 18. Well I think that is enough for a start. Look forward to filling in on the past 60 years! hope I am not scaring you off. Regards Hazel.

  3. So good to hear from you, of course Sheila was Jackes, a very nice girl, hope she or someone who knows her will get in touch.

    Please forward my message to Margaret Wallace.

  4. When a comment is made, Hazel, the intended recipient is notified by email with a link to the comment, but the message contained in the comment cannot be forwarded. If you want to make person to person contact with a listed member please visit the Contact page, click on ‘Contact A Listed Pupil’ and complete the form. The message will be forwarded and the recipient will be able to reply to you directly by email.
    Regards – Tony Gocke

  5. Lovely to hear from you again Hazel and to see an up-to-date photo!!!
    I did leave a comment after the one relating to Sheila Jakes – just a bit about our family and where we are living now – Did you get that one? If not I can try sending the info again. Do you remember who took the 1951 Festival photo? I seem to remember we met up with some boys so maybe it was one of them! One of them was called John Barclay who I wrote to for a while. Hope all is well at your end. Margaret

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