1952 Athletics Champions — 7 Comments

  1. In the photograph of the 1952 Athletics Team I am the person next to G. Baldry. Could you please add my name.
    Robert Bell

  2. Thanks for the information, Robert, your name has been added.
    Tony Gocke

  3. Re: the photograph of the 1952 Athletics Team. The girl sitting second from the left as you face the photo is Betty Youles and the girl in the centre holding the cup is Pat Stanley. I would know them anywhere as they were teenage girlfriends of mine, at separate times of course.

  4. My Dad Brian Bond is in the middle of the pic at the back holding a trophy. I believe he started at Mayfield in 1948. Seeing this pic has made my day. I just phoned him and told him about it.

  5. Hi just found this photo of my mum. She is 9th in from the bottom row. Right hand side of M Bishop. Her name was Maureen Larby.

    Thank you, Tracy. Your mum’s name has been added to the caption. – Tony Gocke

  6. Hi Everyone
    Can you add me to the 1977 leavers list.
    Hi Dave Passfield long time no see. Hope you’re keeping well.

    The pupil lists are closed but you are welcome to use all other aspects of the website – Tony Gocke

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