1952/53 Football Teams — 5 Comments

  1. Hello Bill. I too was at Mayfield in 1951/55. Just to try to fill in a couple of names in your photograph of the football teams 1953. Back left is Richard Bass. I have seen him in recent years as his Grandsons and my Grandsons played in the same team, Rayleigh boys. I used to see him every weekend but as the boys got older they all moved to different teams, so It’s about 10 years since I’ve seen him. I do see his Daughter and son-in-law on occasions and I think he still lives in Woodham Ferrers in Essex. The other boy, front row right, I am sure (90%) is David Eldridge.
    David Clark

  2. Many thanks David: I had Richard Bass down as a ‘Tony’. It was almost 60 years ago, but thanks for the correction. I remember him as a very fine goal keeper, do you know if he continued to play after leaving Mayfield? I’m sure it gave him great pleasure seeing his Grandsons turn out for the local boys team. Finally yes, you are right again, you have jogged my memory. The boy far right in the front row is David Eldridge.
    Regards Bill Cross

  3. I can recall cleaning the snow off the football pitch before a game and having half an orange at half time. Bill Cross played left half and I played right half, good days.
    George Grimes

  4. Hi Tony, I’ve just been looking at the excellent web site and, in particular, the 1952/53 Football Teams Post by Bill Cross. I am the ? mark (name now added – TG) between Derek Lamb and the superb Stan Frankland. I played right back in every match in the 2nd year team when we won the league and were presented with the Cup in Assembly. We beat Ilford County High 1 – 0 at the Cricklefield, when I kicked off the line when we were under much pressure in the 2nd half. Probably, my best match was at home to Downshall when I was up against Micky Harrison who went on to play for Chelsea and Blackburn Rovers. Before the match, Stan told me NOT to let him get the ball under control. I didn’t. We had a very settled side and I don’t recall any changes throughout the season.
    Having passed the 13+, I went onto Beal Grammar School but, on reflection, there were advantages at Mayfield with the various clubs and activities which did not exist at Beal. We didn’t even have a Parents Open Evening – just an evening Carol Service in a Church (at Mayfield it was during School time in a Church) and a Saturday Sports afternoon, plus football and cricket teams.
    Sorry to have “waffled on” and “blown my own trumpet”.
    Best Wishes, Terry Brown (now 79, but still active, especially with the DIY, e.g. painting a 25′ x 10′ ceiling today with my 80 year old Wife of 54 years).

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