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  1. Dear Laurie
    I enjoyed reading your story and photographs of your time doing National service out in Malaya. The Malayan and Cyprus emergencies do not get much of a mention these days. I believe Leslie Thomas wrote his Virgin Soldiers books about his time in Malaya. Trust the M.O.D to not award a medal to those who served Queen and Country and not let you wear one when somebody does. I cannot see how they can stop you wearing the medal once it is awarded. I believe you can wear medals awarded as long as they are not on the same medal bar as official British Military medals.
    Some years ago I remember watching the 11 November march past at the cenotaph when the announcer mentioned an ex-soldier was wearing the French Legion of Honour medal which he wore under his British group of medals. I think Laurie, you and your colleagues should wear your Malaya medals with pride at the next 11 November Parade. After all the pen pushers at the M.O.D are probably still in bed when the last servicemen and women have marched past the cenotaph. They will never know.
    All the best to you Laurie.
    Mick Stothard

  2. Hello Mick,
    First let me apologise for taking so long in getting back to you. It’s a bit of a rush here now to get any outside maintenance (and inside) done before the hot weather arrives and, would you believe it, it’s come early 32 degrees yesterday and no breeze. Thanks for all your comments, Mick, all taken on board, but I don’t anticipate returning to the UK at any time, so no march past for me. Thanks once again for your comments Mick, it’s a good feeling when the story is told and appreciated.
    All the best Laurie Kingston

  3. Hello Laurie
    I would have loved to have experienced National Service, alas it was stopped around 8-9 years before I was born. My father used to tell me of his wonderful experiences in Singapore. Sadly, he died in a road accident in 1990 but looking at his photos of him in Singapore was a wonderful source of comfort. A few years back all my dad’s photos were lost in a fire, no one was hurt thank God, but I was extremely sad at my loss. I have been searching on-line for photos of him in Singapore. Sounds a long shot but I have found two to date. I was wondering if you knew him as he was in Singapore at the same time as you. I know it’s another long shot but if I don’t ask I would never know. His name was Robin Jeffcoate, but may have been known as Jeff. I can’t really see closely the Oswestry photo above but he could possibly be extreme right in the bottom row. Any feedback would be much appreciated, thank you for your time Laurie
    Kind regards Robin.

  4. Thanks Robin for your story, very sad as it is. One possible good piece of news is, you mentioned the soldier bottom right of the Oswestry photo might be your Dad, and was known as Jeff, well that soldier you picked out was known to me as Jeff, I never knew his surname, and after training and posting on we never saw each other again. I believe Jeff lived somewhere in London, no further help I’m afraid. You say your Dad served in Singapore, we would never have met as I was serving in Malaya (just up the road)…. Good luck with your quest to find more of your Dads service days, and so sorry to hear of his death. Kind regards Laurie Kingston

  5. Hi Robin,
    Have just found my original photo of the Oswestry group photo and we all tried at the time to get names or signatures of those taken in the photo. I do have the signature of the Jeff in the photo, the one I mentioned, but although the signature has faded it looks like his surname was Jeffrey. I’m so sorry, but looks like was not your Dad. Good luck Robin. Laurie Kingston

  6. Hello Laurie
    Thank you very much for your reply and valued time, it is truly appreciated. I was pretty confident this was my Dad, as it looks like him so much, and the fact that you knew him as Jeff and we lived just north of London. His signature looks like Jeffrey, could this possibly be Jeffcoate? He did used to tail off on his signature after jeff. So this doesn’t drive me mad, can you see an initial for his Christian name on the signature? Thanks again Laurie, he was a wonderful father and I would love this to be him.
    Regards Robin

  7. Hello Laurie
    Thank you for all your help, it doesn’t sound as if it is my Dad then, never mind. I will keep on looking, thanks again Laurie, hope your having a wonderful weekend, take care of yourself.
    Kind regards Robin.

  8. Hello Laurie… you don’t know me and I don’t know if you will see this…I am derek etheringtons daughter…I didn’t know this site existed….it is surprising what you can find. I’m sorry to tell you that my lovely dad passed away 14.10.16 and I’m not sure if you knew. He spoke of you often …we miss him more than words can say 😞

  9. Hello Sue, I’m in total shock at your news about your Dad. Wasn’t expecting that. I always had Derek down as a long lifer, like his Mum. We did make contact a few years back and was hoping he was going to come onto our School Web but he made it clear to me he hated computers. I think he was a bit shocked about me moving to Spain in 2000 and was pleased when I was able to make contact with him and talk about our youth and what we both were doing with our lives. My thoughts and love go to you all I know it was a while ago now but it has really knocked me over. Thank you Sue for the very sad news stay strong.
    Laurie Kingston

  10. Yes sorry to hit you with a bombshell….I sent you a message on Facebook just in case you didn’t see this …thanks he is missed terribly…brilliant dad and gone far too soon to the dreadful disease 😏

  11. Hi sorry to read that. Just to say, my dad has gone as well and he also served in Malaya. One of the pics I have is of those same guns firing. Basically they both look like the same pic as taken from the same angle.

  12. Hi Anne, your comment re Guns Firing was to be expected. As far as I know all Regiments serving in countries under action keep a History record. Photos are usually taken by a Regimental photographer and distributed to serving Regiments. Maybe your Dad served in my Regiment in the Royal Artillery. Sorry to hear of your loss.

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