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  1. Thanks Paul,
    Yes I too made one of those book racks but never aspired to the copper bowl. I wondered how many others remember making one and still have it today? Unfortunately I don’t!
    Actually I fortunately have happy memories of Mayfield days but that is probably only because something happened on my first day that was to correct my bad behaviour and set me in a different direction.
    The Headmaster Mr Hicks, peering down from his upstairs room onto a group of new intake boys, myself included, saw this ‘little squirt’ at the back of the class running around playing tag and obviously paying no attention to the teacher’s demonstration of how to measure the size of the playground. You know….with one of those measuring instruments on a wheel?
    Suddenly he appeared amongst us, his rather yellow complexion now a bright red and reduced me to tears in a second. From then on my indisciplined and extrovert tendences transfered over from my South Park Junior School days were radically tamed.
    Years later after university I returned to Mayfield and become a part of the teaching staff for a few years. I shall always be grateful to Mr Hicks for that and thanks too Paul for reminding me.
    Howard Barnes

  2. Thanks for your input Howard.

    Here are some of my unhappy memories of Mayfield and why I couldn’t (probably unwisely) wait to leave the year I turned 15. I suffered from asthma and being forced to play football and take part in cross-country runs was a nightmare! Another memory that has lasted a lifetime is after returning from an exchange student trip to France I shyly plucked up courage to ask the English teacher, Mr Bradley, during a question period if Mayfield could teach French? I was promptly put down and told he would not consider it until I learnt to speak English properly! I crawled back into my shell until I could leave!

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