1953 Sheila Corse — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Sheila, I have often seen your name on the Mayfield Memories site and thought about getting in contact. I am Liz Walker and lived next door to you in Barley Lane with my mum and dad, sister Moira and brother David, we all went to Barley Lane Primary school and then on to Mayfield. I remember your mum and dad very well also Pat and Keith who has sadly died. I remember a skiffle group playing in your back garden. Another time Keith appeared with his army uniform on, I expect he was doing his National Service. I also remember John Jones who was often visiting your family. I also remember the dog, Bonnie (I think) was its name. I lived in Jersey for 6 years in the 70’s and around 1976 when I was leaving to come home, my mum came over and we walked out to your business and spoke to you for a while. It is nice to remember Sheila.

  2. Hi Liz
    What a brilliant memory you have. Of course I remember you and your family, your Dad was in the police and your Mum an accomplished artist. I also remember you and Moira doing the Scottish dancing at the New Years Eve parties, which went on well into New Years Day. I also remember David although I think Keith knew him better. Unfortunately both John and his wife died within a week of one another. I believe Mum kept in touch with your mother for some time until she died. Pat and her husband John live in Horsham and have just been over here for the weekend. Where have the years gone!!

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