1953 Tony Gocke — 5 Comments

  1. Hi
    Good photo. I played in the South Park team the year before and we won the League Cup.
    Mike Frost

  2. Hola Tony
    Just a quick note of appreciation for carrying on the good work. Also to make sure you are still fighting fit, we old Mayfieldarians are unfortunately a ‘dieing breed’. Lady Jennifer and I are in very rude health and enjoying life to the full in our part of paradise. Take care and remain healthy

  3. Thanks for your comment, Roy, it is appreciated. Glad to hear you and Jennifer are in good health and enjoying life.

  4. Hi Tony:
    Just to keep in touch, hope you are keeping well, and still taking those great photos. I am healthy, 84 is not so bad although I now have an electric bike to help with the hills! I’m Still happily married, living in Toronto and travelling when we can although the last 2 years have put a crimp in things.
    Regards, Paul

  5. Hi Paul

    It was great to hear from you. Yes, I am still taking photos but have switched to a digital camera. It cuts out all the hours spent in the darkroom in the loft. Sometime ago I put a collection of my photos on a website, which you may find interesting:

    Best wishes – Tony

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