1955 Allan Shrimpton R.I.P. — 5 Comments

  1. I remember Allan well as I was pipped at the post by him in the 100yds and the shot. Try as I did to beat him he always managed to have the edge on me at sports day.

  2. Thanks so much everyone this has made me smile, he was such a great man and sadly missed. Funny he had a story published as he wrote a book in later life and I’m going to try and get it published. If it’s possible to email me a copy of the story he wrote that would be amazing so that I can show my sister.

  3. I’ll scan the story and send you a copy, Laura. If you email me a photo of your dad I’ll add it to your post for you.

  4. Hello Laura, sorry to hear of Dad’s passing. Although not close friends with him I was a member of the victorious football team shown in the scan from the Mayfield Magazine my name misspelled as Goss. I’m the scrawny kid front row on the left in the photo. I remember him as a fine all round sportsman and I speak from experience as a recipient of his very fast bouncers in House cricket matches.

  5. Thank you so much for all your help guys, it means so much. Dad passed away of pancreatic cancer six weeks after our holiday in 2013. My mum passed away last September from the same awful disease. I went on holiday with her and my little boy. She fell ill on holiday and we were told the devastating news. She passed away a week after we flew her home.

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