1955 Bill Cross — 5 Comments

  1. Hi, just have viewed the 1952 football team picture and noticed my name was missing. We sat next to each other enough times! I have a copy of the same picture you have posted on this site.
    Regards George Grimes

  2. Re the photo put on site by Bill Cross. I am in front row between Bill and Eric Wainright! I am sure Bill and I had the cane on the same day and time for talking in class.
    Regards George

  3. Hi George, how could I forget your name! Very sorry mate. I’m suitably chastised, and put it down to so many whacks round the head from Mr. Maguire’s evil plimsole. Hope that life is treating you well.
    Regards Bill Cross

  4. Nice to be part of the team again and having my name added. Good old days eh? Had to leave school early for family reasons, so do not think I had time to say a goodbye to my mates at the school. Spent 12 years in the RAF, mostly overseas, and 30 years in Chichester in my fish and chips shop. Met my lovely wife and live by the sea in Selsey, West Sussex.
    Regards George

  5. Hi George
    Have just got back into the old schools website to find your latest comments. Pleased to hear that you are still happy with life; you live in a nice part of the world. I sold my soul to the corporate scene finishing up with Ford Motor Company for 28 yrs which included a lot of overseas travel. But, for base location reasons, I remained in Essex and still live in Billericay with a cottage in Cornwall, a county where my wife Annette hails from. We have 2 daughters and 5 grandkids so life doesn’t standstill for a moment. If you pick this message up in time have a great Christmas and 2013.
    Bill Cross

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