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  1. Hi Iris, we lived two doors up from you at no 96 we were all friends with you and Dawn and Linda Lowe in Buckingham Road. I went past our old house a while ago it still looks much the same except its now a one way street and the traffic’s bumper to bumper. Take care Graham Crook.

  2. Hi Graham, I see there’s plenty of our old class on the members list, I only went to South Park school with you from 1957 to 1959, then we went to Mayfield for 5 years together. I see from the members list that there are quite a few of our old class-mates listed. I live down in the wilds of Laindon and not far from me live Richard Waters, Martin Bramball, and one other at Wickford, I can’t remember his name, but I suppose that’ll come to me as soon as I post this e-mail. As you probably read a few years ago I went to the 50th re-union in Epping and have met up with Alan Thompson and Steve Marcar on a couple of occassions on our caravan jaunts up in the wilds of Norfolk, should see them two when we’re at Whittletons farm near Stalham again this year. Regards to your brother Roger, he was in my brother John’s class. Met up with the sister of Jan Holz who was in a year lower than at Mayfield, she is Suzanne Holz and went to the girls school, to you ladies reading this another girl of that year is Julia Parrott who my wife and I are very good friends with.

  3. Hello Danny, well its been a long time, contacted Alan Thompson a few years ago and for many years did work for Mick Aves but have since lost contact with both. I Know Steve Marcar’s sister as she is married to an old friend of mine, who also went to Mayfield. I lived in Wickford for 36 years but moved to Suffolk a year ago to retire, but I am still working full time, around your neck of the woods funnily enough. It’s strange, we were up in Stalham in Oct, in a rented cottage, im surprised our paths havent crossed before now. The reunion in May may be a possibillity. I Haven’t seen Dave Baskerville since me and my old dad installed his dads Central Heating in 1965. Signing off for now, keep in touch Graham Crook.

  4. Hi again, this year our plans are to leave home late March or early April, meet up with our friends from Nelson in Lancs, meeting them up in Lincolnshire and all of us coming down into Cambs, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Kent, Sussex then Dorset at Wareham, I met up with Ian Scott there a couple of years ago, he’s a game-keeper in the area, then early September into Devon and Cornwall getting home mid-October. I have Alan Thompson’s e-mail address if he says I can post it, I’ll pass it on. I worked on the railway for 38 years and took early retirement in 2003, hobbies are caravanning and woodturning, with a lot of that going to various charities.
    All for now , Danny.

  5. Sounds to me you lead a very active life style. We are hoping to have a very busy year ourselves. I’ve got a 70th birthday coming up the, wife’s got a 65th and the brother in laws got a 40th anniversary. So we are hoping to do something special may be a cruise. While I’m still working more or less fulltime, I know its sad, my hobbies are some what limited. But I play a bit of golf, I own a classic car and travel to Spain as often as possible. Cheers for now. Graham.

  6. Hi Graham: Danny tells me you were trying to make contact. A lot has happened in the last five decades!! I have been quite fortunate that I got in to “media”initially as a newspaper reporter after doing dead end jobs, and later moved into PR and broadcasting. I spent 23 years full time pro. The most challenging programmes I have been associated with were a programme on Radio 4 about the Kennedy assassination, a two part programme on Egypt for the BBC in the west and on a lighter note I wrote and produced “When pirates ruled the waves” – Johnnie Walker presented – to commemorate the then 30th anniversary of outlawing the offshore radio stations. Between 2001-25 I was a bulletin editor and newsreader for BBC Eastern Counties and still broadcast occasionally with “yer akshall” Keith Skues on the Beeb’s eastern counties network. On the domestic front I have two sons in their 30s and two blood line grandchildren and my younger stepdaughter has three, so Christmas is a tad expensive nowadays! I have been married three times,latest wife Wendy I met at a school, reunion back in ’97. It’s been really great to meet up with Danny and Steve. I am still in touch with Geoff Filmer, his birthday on the 6th. Hoping to see everyone again this year.
    All the best from the former Honda 50 speed king, Alan

  7. Hello Alan,nice to hear from you. Sounds like you have lead a busy life style. Three wives, I’m still on my first. I have recently moved up to Suffolk from Wickford, where I lived for 36 years, with a view to retiring. But it hasn’t happened yet, still working flat out. Truth is I can’t give it up. Plumbing that is. Perhaps you can let me know when you are all meeting up may be I could come along. Cheers for now Graham.

  8. Hi Graham, my e-mail address is reply to this and I’ll pass on Alan’s email address.
    regards, Danny.
    p.s Just looking at the class photo of 1958/59 with Mrs Woolfe, that’s you back row on the left isn’t it?

  9. Hi Danny, it’s me again. Can’t get over this old school photo you sent me. I have no photo’s of our old life together. Ashamed to say it brought a tear or two whilst looking over it. Mrs woolfe was a superb and totally comitted as a teacher. If it wasn’t for people like her I would probally have ended under under the railway arches. We have a lot to be thankfull for. Sure the teachers were a lot stricter in those days but they only had our interests at heart. The war had only finished ten or so years previously,and times were still difficult. I’m glad I failed my eleven plus exam and went to Mayfield, because I think it made me a better person and hey, iI met up with you again.

  10. Iris Rothon, I am sure we were in the same class. I live in New Zealand but would love to hear from you.

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