1958 Norman Lombard R.I.P. — 6 Comments

  1. Are you related to Ian Lombard who also attended Mayfield?
    Bob Paton

  2. Yes Ian was my younger brother. Sadly he died prematurely from asbestosis lung cancer in June 2001 aged 52. He lived in Gants Hill with his wife and two sons Daniel and Stephen. I intend to get round to posting some more information on the web just as soon as I can collate the information. Where you one of Ian’s class mates Bob? If you wish to contact me direct please feel free to email me.
    Kindest regards – Norman Lombard

  3. Norman was Ian’s older brother along with John next and Dennis the eldest. Also sisters Phyllis, Pat, Jean and one other. Jean is the only surviving sibling. Ian died a few years ago and his wife, Sue, died last year. They had two sons, I’m sorry I can’t recall their names ….could find out if need be.

  4. Sorry just noticed Norman’s comments. Norman died june 8th 2012. We played golf together and were members of the same Masonic Lodge.

  5. Ian Lombard a wonderful friend who, along with Chris Nelson, succumbed to asbestosis after working in the pipe lagging industry. Great friends never to be forgotten.

  6. I was a cub and Scout with the 5th Seven Kings. My sister Mary Brown was Bargeera and I remember appearing in the local gang show. One of the senior scouts was Stuart Walton a friend of the family.
    David Brown age 70

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