1956 Peter Samways — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Peter
    I well remember you as you lived diagonally opposite to us in Somerville Road. We lived at 118 and I think you were at 169? -next door to the Chines.
    I was a few years older than you and so we did not socialise as happens with kids growing up. I remember your parents well. Alan Montgomery lived next door to me and he and Raymond Chine were closer to you in age although still older.
    Like you I have many happy memories of Mayfield and many of Wm. Torbitt and have stayed in touch with some of my class-mates and visit them when home in the UK on holiday. I emigrated to Australia in 1964 and live in the picturesque Yarra Valley near Melbourne. Was ‘home’ last September/October and stayed in Eastbourne for a few days and did the Beachey Head visit and also Dover Castle. I liked your town very much being my first visit there.
    Your photo shows you with your dog, I am impressed being a dog lover myself.
    Best regards Peter Clarke

  2. Hi Peter.
    Sorry, but only just noticed your message. I Googled 169 Sommerville Road and did not recognize it, with nearly all the front walls knocked down and cars parked in them. I was married but got divorced 1n 1987 and have stayed that way ever since. I have two children, a boy 44 and a girl 42, plus five grandchildren. Still miss living in Chadwell Heath though. Hope you have a good Christmas and all the Best for 2013.
    Peter Samways

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