1957 Cross Country Race — 3 Comments

  1. I recognize at least 5 of my old classmates in this photo, L to R, the 1st 2 I can’t remember the names, then Norman Lombard (now deceased), then David Willetts (in the patterned jumper), the next 3 I don’t know and the next is Tony Tuck and the remainder I don’t know.

    Mick Penn

  2. I think number 268 is my brother Barry Tyzack and the boy in the middle facing the camera may be Micky Gregory. I will ask my brother to confirm.

  3. If my memory serves – I volunteered to help marshal the 1957 cross country race. We had to get to Cabin Plain very early – stand in the freezing cold and wait in our designated spot from the beginning of the race until the last runner had finished before we were able to stand down and go home. Then, later the following week, Mr. Franklyn (who was our sports master) was so disappointed in my classes’ (5E lower) response (only one boy turned up to run in the race) he made us all run the streets around the school for about an hour after school. Even those who marshalled the race. He said we only offered to marshal so as to get out of running.
    I wouldn’t mind being able to run a cross country race these days!

    Mike Kneller

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