1957 Form 2A2 — 12 Comments

  1. This photo brings back so many memories, good and not so good. Most will not remember me as I left school before the GCE year and joined the Royal Navy. No regrets, they sent me back to school. Managed a Masters in the end and became a commissioned officer. Had a fabulous thirty-five years before I retired. I now write thrillers. Ron Sewell

  2. Photo row 2 states there is a name missing. From the left in that row as far as David Pierce the names are correct, which means it’s the name of one of the last three boys in the row that’s missing.

  3. My late brother John Thompson (5th from left in row 3) lived in Brighton in his 20’s. He became a popular publican/landlord of several public houses before moving to Braintree in Essex in 1994 where he ran a social club until ill health affected him. He passed away sadly in 2012 aged 68. Lovely to have found this photo. Thank you for uploading it.
    Jean Thompson.

  4. Hi Jean,

    I’m sorry to hear of the loss of your brother and I’m pleased that the photograph brought back memories of happier times.

  5. This photo was taken so long ago. All are now retired and hopefully enjoying life.

  6. I wish one and all a great holiday season. Avoid the Covid and enjoy time with your friends and loved ones.

  7. Where has everyone gone? If no one visits this site, it will self destruct.

    During the last 12 months the Mayfield Memories website was visited 1,921 times and there were 3,898 page viewings. These figures are roughly half what it was a few years ago, but I don’t feel there is any danger of ‘self destruction’.
    Tony Gocke

  8. Hi Tony,

    My apologies for my use of self-destruction. However, I wish more would use this site after the time it took for you to create.

  9. Ok Ron, here we go. Having escorted a girl friend to Mayfield Girls School in Christie Gardens that went in at the same time as the boys school in Goodmayes Lane, 9am, I had to pedal my bike like crazy to get to the boys school. It had a 14 toothed fixed wheel with no rear brake. Needless to say I was always late and tried bribing the prefects on the gate with cigarets not to report me, which sometimes worked. One morning I was belting along at tremendous speed in Goodmayes Lane when peeping ahead was an old Rover car creeping along. I couldn’t slow up in time so overtook it, the blooming driver was the one and only Mr Cutting, my science master. I made the cottage where lads with bikes which wouldn’t pass Mr Cuttings bicycle roadworthy test parked them and ran on down the road to the school, LATE AGAIN!!!. Of course old Chinki, as we called him, at the science class next morning recognised me and quizzed me on the speed limits and roadworthiness of bicycle. My bike with the fixed wheel and only a front brake was within the law although it had no mudguards. I eventually sort of got around the being late problem by volunteering to do the ink round which took place during assembly, but still cost me lots of fags at the gate with the prefects.

  10. Class 2b, on the horrible cold and draughty ground floor. I remember Mr Rew coming in and shouting out ‘SETTLE DOWN 2b’. My friend, Roger Head, muttered under his breath, ‘Two be or not to be’. Rew heard him and gave him the slippper.

  11. David Short has recently commented. I doubt he remembers me, but I remember him and his cronies, Tann and Murphy, plus a few hangers-on.

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