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  1. Hi Roy
    Didn’t we both attend Goodmayes Junior School (Airthrie Road) together, when the headmaster was a Mr. Tester during the early 1950’s?
    Best regards
    Mike Kneller

  2. Hola Mike
    I think that we probably did. I lived in Airthrie Road at number 39 along with my younger brother Michael. I departed Mayfield in early 57 & transfered to Southeast Essex Tech before joining Plessey as an Engineering Apprentice. So many years ago, so many fond memories. For me Mayfield and the teaching staff provided a superb education which stood me in good stead laying a foundation which I built on. Hope that you are fairing well, for my part I’m as fit as a butchers dog, happily residing in Spain where I have lived and worked for 30 years.
    All my best regards

  3. Hi Roy,
    It’s great to hear from you. We used to live at 563 Green Lanes – Goodmayes School was a long time ago but do you remember the headmaster, one Mr. Tester? (First names were unknown then.) I was always in some kind of trouble in those early days and his cane was in frequent use. And the scout camps that we used to go on. I remember one in particular when we were all bedded down after lights out and our leader (an ex-RAF type cadet) made me run round the outside of the tent in pouring rain for talking instead of sleeping. You told him I suffered from asthma and he panicked a bit.
    Mayfield Boys was the school where most of the education took place. I was encouraged to take the extended course and so ended up in 1958 taking RSA exams. Something fairly new to a secondary modern. I agree with you, we do owe a great deal to those who taught us – so patiently and not so patiently.
    I ended up, after a few years of trying other jobs, at the English Electric Valve Co. (Marconi) in 1975 and enjoyed working there until I retired in 2007. I’m living in Maldon (Essex) now, and I’m a granddad.
    During the last ten years working at EEV I took up cycling to work and managed to clock up over 20,000 miles. I don’t do so much now – but I do play badminton regularly. Helps to keep the arthritis at bay! You probably don’t have that trouble in warm, dry, Spain.
    NB – I never did suffer from asthma, that RAF cadet panicked for nothing!
    Very best regards
    Mike (K).

  4. Hola Mike
    Thank you for your reply if you would like to email me please feel free to do so. (Email address forwarded to Mike – Ed)
    Best Regards

  5. Roy,
    You still up and running? It’s Terry Rockall from 3 Airthrie Road, ex Goodmayes Infants and Juniors them Mayfield Secondary. My sister Maureen went to both the infant and juniors and Mayfiied Girls. And my mum was for a time a cook in the Goodmayes school kitchen before she left and worked in St Ledgers, the butchers opposite Webbs. Was it you who had an Austin 7 that your brother got started one day, drove it down towards Green Lane, but not knowing how to stop it, put it through the wall of No. 2, Robbie Furlongs home, and left it on the lawn? A funny and fond memory
    Best regards

  6. Hola Terry. Such a blast from the past. Yes I’m very much up and running, growing older most disgracefully in the paradise that is Andalucia where I have lived for over forty years. Best Regards Roy

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