1958 Form 1A — 9 Comments

  1. Hi. Just seen photo and remember being in that class, memories! I am 3rd girl along in the second row down from the top. Would love to hear from you. I now live in Leicestershire (left Essex in 1964).
    Susan Hewson

  2. Hi Susan, I’m at the end of front row on the right. Remember you and many of our classmates. Interesting to see how ‘grown-up’ we look on panoramic photo in 1962!

  3. I’ve no idea but I remember other girls that went onto Mayfield girls school from Chadwell Junior. Angela Whitham, Susan Workman, Maureen Pepper, Valerie Taylor and others who probably did.

  4. I’ll name some more girls who also might have gone to Mayfield from Chadwell Junior around that time. Susan Brewer, Jean Gibbs, Pamela Lane, Jill Mapletoft, Maureen Coe. I used to escort some of these girls from time to time to Saturday morning pictures at the Chadwell Heath Gaumont cinema and give them rides on my boxcart also crossbars on my bike. Happy days.

  5. I was in the fourth year of Chadwell Junior, class B I think, was it a Mr Jamieson. I moved from Dagenham in 1957 and did one year here before moving on to Mayfield girls. I lived in Padnall Road. I can remember getting the coach outside my house to take us to school. Only one girls name comes to mind, Georgina Ward and a boy called John Judd, and another I think was Ray Witherington. Memory not so good lately, must be an age thing.

  6. Don’t remember Mr Jamieson but I do remember Miss Isherwood headmistress, Miss Vine, Miss Calland, Mr Chivers and Mr Orton.

  7. I remember all the teachers at Chadwell primary school. My twin sister and I often wonder what became of Maureen and Valerie Brown, also Frances and Pat Ellis who lived in Clarisa Road Chadwell Heath. We also remember the teachers at mayfield girls school. If anyone remembers the Thompson twins please leave a message. Two of our brothers who went to Mayfield Boys, Terry and John who sadly died and we miss them so much. We have tried before but did not hear from anyone, but my twin Joyce did get a message from Joan Watson who lives Chadwell Heath.

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