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  1. My goodness, this is my old form photo and that’s me back row far left. I’ve racked my brains and come up with a few names so starting with the back row, L to R :
    M. Penn, ?, Tony Bailey, ? ? Anthony Dowell, ? ?
    3rd row: Brian Freitag, ? ? ? David Willetts, ? ? ?
    2nd row: Peggs, Alan Eldridge, Norman Lombard, Robert Hurrell, ? ? ? ?
    Front row: Dennis Hunt, ? ?

    Mick Penn

  2. Hello Mick

    No you do not know me but maybe you remember my brother, Richard Osborne, top row second from left. Does the name sound familiar.

  3. Hi Georgina

    Thanks for your message, and yes, I do remember your brother, it was just the name I couldn’t recall. The old grey matter isn’t as good as it was once!

  4. Hi Mick,
    Just given the old grey cells a bashing. I have a copy of this photo and this is how I remember it.
    Back row L-R
    You, Ray Abrahams, Tony Bailey, Brian Lowry, ? Baker, Anthony Dowelling, David Long, ?.
    Next row L-R
    Brian Freitag, Eric Hoyle, Geoffrey Langwith, ?, Me, ?, Michael Carver, Ian Rose.
    Next row L-R.
    Terrance Pegg, Alan Eldridge, Norman Lombard, Robert Hurrel, Neil Kracke, Alan Parker, Edwin Harradence, Trevor Ward.
    Bottom row L-R
    Dennis Tuck, Ron ?, Robert Watkins.

    Can you fill in the missing names?

    Regards Dave Willats

  5. Hi Dave,
    Thanks for the additional names. I still can’t recall the missing names I’m afraid. I wonder how many of us are still around. I know for a fact that Norman Lombard has passed away, but I’m glad you’re still with us.

    Regards, Mick Penn

  6. Hi Dave
    I cannot add any names to your question marks but, my memory says Michael Carvey and Anthony Dowell. I agree on the others. Regards George Hunt.

  7. Hi Mick,
    The only person I know for sure has passed away is Trevor Ward. His sister told me a few years back.
    Regards Dave

  8. Hi George,
    You are right is was Dowell. I could not make up my mind if it was Carver or Carvery.
    It’s a pity more ex classmates have not made contact.
    Regards Dave

  9. Hi Mick,
    I learnt last night that Robert Hurrel has passed away.

  10. Hi Dave
    Sad news indeed. I remember him well. A strange cove, I seem to remember he was very friendly with Neil Kracke and he was always wiping his nose with his handkerchief but was a good performer on the trampoline. Any idea what he ended up doing and where he was living?
    Would you happen to know if there’s any truth in a rumour I heard years ago that Alan Eldridge had committed suicide?
    Glad to know you’re still around, I wonder how many of us are left!

  11. Hello Mick, I think I can add John Hillier as the last person on the back row (L-R) (next to David Long).

    Best regards
    Mike Kneller.

  12. Hello Mike,

    Thanks for that, yet another piece of the jigsaw fits into place. I see you only recently added your name to the year, but you’ll forgive me if I say I can’t remember you. Which form were you in? Perhaps if I saw a photo all would come back to me.

    Best wishes

    Mick Penn

  13. Hello Mick,

    I don’t blame you, there are quite a few I don’t recognise after nearly 60 years. I’ve only recently discovered this site and it brought back a flood of memories. I was in form 5E(L) and the form master was Mr. Scott (I can’t remember his first name). We studied for the RSA exams held in 1958 and 5E(U) studied for GCE O levels. There is a photo of me in the post ‘1956 House Drama Competition’. I’m the last on the right. I’ll post a more up-to-date photo when I figure out how to upload photos (and what size).

    Best regards
    Mike Kneller.

  14. Hola Mick,
    So pleased that you are OK, I have misslaid your email address. Ref the photo maybe Paul Norrington is in there somewhere. As far as I am aware he and his wife Carol (nee Green) a Mayfield lass are fit and well. Lady J and I are visiting the UK, Devon in April and Suffolk in July
    Best Regards
    Roy Malin

  15. Hi Mike,
    From your response, do I detect that you might be in Spain? Lucky you if you are. I’m just back from a wonderful 2 week break in Tenerife. Having checked the photo, I can now place you in the scheme of things. Good to know you’re still around as so many of our peers have gone. Norman Lombard who was in that photo with you passed away with cancer some years ago. What are you up to these days? Hopefully retired and enjoying life.
    Best wishes
    Mike Penn

  16. Hi Roy,
    How good to hear from you, and yes, I’m still alive and kicking thanks to to several visits to Ipswich hospital and a couple of surgical jobs on my spine which have given me a new lease of life. The name Paul Norrington rings bells, but I can’t put the name to the face right now, butI I’ll keep looking at the photo and I’m sure it will come to me. As you’re visiting Suffolk in July maybe we could meet up as I live near Ipswich. Let me know your itinerary via e-mail (email address forwarded to Roy – Ed). It would be great to see you after so many years.

    Best wishes
    Mike Penn

  17. Hi Mick,
    I was sorry to hear about Norman Lombard. I didn’t know him well, but I remember him being in the House Drama Competition. I have two friends who have terminal cancer, it’s very sad and one feels so helpless.
    Good to hear you enjoyed Tenerife – it’s important to get around as much as possible. I went to Jersey a couple of years ago for the Flower Festival, it was great, first time I’ve ever flown! We (the wife and I) like visiting Southwold, almost a step back in time.
    Yes, I am retired now and enjoying it. I have taken up photography and video photography as a hobby, not that I get enough time to do it. I’ve been doing up the house again (it’s a bit like the Forth Bridge).
    Unfortunately I’m not in Spain! I live in Maldon (Essex) where it rains and at the moment cold – very cold. I’m looking forward to the summer.
    Sorry to hear about your back problems but pleased your up and about again. I have a problem with mine but I put it down to old age, it gets very stiff and sore a lot of the time!
    I have sent in some photo’s which no doubt will appear soon.
    What hobbies do you have? Did you get married?

    Best regards
    Mike Kneller

  18. Thank you for your reply Mike I will email you for a catch up and to arrange meeting up in the UK

    Best regards

  19. Hi Mike Penn and all

    I was alerted to your blog by my wife Carol. I remember Bobby Hurrel well, he had entrepreneurial skills and had an interest in printing, I recall he printed our wedding invites and did a very professional job. I think he ended up as a manufacturing jeweller in Hatton Garden as I seem to recall I gave him a couple of commissions. I am in the picture sitting on his immediate left next ? then Edwin Harradence, hope this helps to fill in some blanks for you.
    I retired in 1992 and instead of perusing my passion for sailing I somewhat foolishly started two small business’s from the kitchen table which now keeps me occupied 24/7! Good to hear some of us have survived this long.
    Best regards Paul Norrington

  20. Hi Mick
    Just been catching up on the site, pleased we can add another name to the photo, John Hillier. I have given my grey cells a good bashing but I cannot place Paul Norrington in the photo the name rings a bell, he says he in the row with Bob Hurell but I think we agreed the names of the people in that row, or is there another photo? Am I right or wrong or just going nuts!
    Regards Dave

  21. Hi Mike, and the rest of us. My wife discovered this site, while looking for something totally different, and brought my attention to it as my name was on it. I still survive. I am on my second marriage which has lasted over 40 years. The first only lasted five. I was so surprised to see this photo and recognised so many faces, but was unable to put many names to them.

  22. Hi Mick,
    You have been very quite on the site for a while, are you OK and still with us?

  23. Hi,
    Does any body know what’s happened to Mick. Penn???
    Any info would be appreciated.
    Many thanks
    Dave Willats

  24. Hi Dave.
    Sorry to have been so inactive on the site for a while, I just hadn’t given it a lot of thought until I received an email from Tony Gocke. It’s true what they say that time seems to pass much quicker as you grow older.
    I’m still well and truly alive and kicking thanks to the wonders of medical science! I was diagnosed as HIV+ in January 1987 and have never been ill and now just 2 pills a day keeps me going. In fact I believe I’m one of the lowest survivors of the virus and as such the Terrence Higgins Trust Press Office in London often contact me to give interviews. The latest one was for Anglia News for World AIDS Day on 1 December. There was also a half page article about me in The Guardian back in June. Thanks to an excellent team at the Ipswich SI’m enjoying a fairly quiet life here in Suffolk where I’m lucky to have many good friends and neighbours.
    So may I take the opportunity of wishing everyone a very healthy and happy 2018. It’s good to know so many of us are still here.

  25. Hi Mick,
    Pleased to hear that you are still with us and kicking, as you had stopped blogging I had bad thoughts that another one of us had bit the dust as they say. I have lost to many of my old friends in the last 3 years.
    I also wish you and all all our classmates a Happy and HEALTHY New Year.
    Just a couple of points you said “team at Ipswich Sl’m” showing my ignorance what is the Sl’m ?
    On the 23/03/15 Paul Norrington says in his blog that he is sitting next to Hurrell in our class photo, I know the name but cannot ever remember him being in our class, give your old grey cells a shuffle and let me know what you think.
    Let’s hope a few more old 5E (Uppers) join the site it would be interesting to see what paths there lives took.
    Take care and keep well.

  26. Hi I am glad to report that I am still alive and kicking! Feel blessed, My wife Rita and myself are very well and active.We have lived in Letchworth, Hertfordshire since 1966 have 4 sons and a daughter, 7 grand children and 5 great children. Still gainfully employed running my own company and making reasonable profits. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of 5E Upper pupils surviving and sad to note the few that have passed.
    Wish you all that you wish yourselves for the new year, keep well and Happy

  27. Hi Dave
    Good to hear from you again and my apologies for creating a mystery. The item you’ve queried is merely a typing error which should have been a continuation of the sentence and somehow got deleted. It should have read, “Thanks to an excellent team at Ipswich Sexual Health Clinic I’m…etc.” Before that I’d mentioned being one of the ‘lowest survivors’ which again was a typo and should have read, ‘one of the longest survivors’. I really do count my blessings as I lost my partner of almost 18 years from AIDS in May of 1987 and I lost many friends around the world during the 1980’s. Thankfully being diagnosed as HIV+ which can result in acquiring AIDS if not treated, is no longer the death sentence it was back then. In this day and age there should be reduction in the number of people diagnosed, but unfortunately, due to the lack of proper sexual education, numbers keep rising. And for some reason there are more people in the East of England who are living with HIV than anywhere else in the UK outside of London. Whenever I do an interview I always advocate the importance of getting tested, whatever a person’s sexual orientation because there are also many other STD’s and STI’s around and there are people walking around with these and don’t know it until they become sick. It’s quite unbelievable that so many people, especially youngsters, still have unprotected sex, but it applies across the whole spectrum of society.
    Now on to Class 5E(U). I remember Paul Norrington, not sure if he was a latecomer, but he and Hurrell were pretty close and always hung about together. In fact I believe they always sat next to one another at the front of the classroom. He was quite a small chap and was quite bright if my memory serves me correctly
    Going back to one of my earlier comments, I still haven’t found an answer to the fate of Alan Eldridge who had the Nickname ‘Bonny’. He was very good at sports and I seem to recall I heard at some point way back then that he committed suicide because he thought he was gay. If this is true true, then it just goes to show how times have changed, although there is still a problem with many youngsters today who get bullied and don’t know where to turn to for help. For all the advances we have made over the years, it saddens me that there still seems to be a certain section of society that thrives on bigotry and hate and our present Government doesn’t seem to be helping. I don’t know about you, but I honestly can’t remember such a bunch of incompetent and inept individuals running the country.
    Sorry, rant over, I shouldn’t start getting political, but it really does bother me at the direction in which this country is going. I really feel for the younger generation when it comes to things like pensions and our health service. Our parents and their parents fought for certain freedoms and rights and they seem to be slowly eradicated by a few people who care only for themselves.
    On that note, I should stop, otherwise I shall go on forever.
    Best wishes, good health and happiness to you and yours

  28. Looks like to me that the 6th person from the right on the second row down could be John Ewart he was one year younger than me and is still around.
    Tony Mayes

  29. Hi,
    I wish everbody SURVIVING from 1958 5e upper A HAPPY NEW YEAR.
    Dave Willats.

  30. Hi this is Christine Kracke, Neil’s wife. Just letting you know that he passed away on the 23 May this year. He had a triple heart bypass and during the operation he had a stroke. This paralysed him from the neck down, so he ended up in a care home for a year. Whilst in there he contracted an infection and ended up in hospital, but died 3 days later. We were told that he wasn’t in pain at the end though. Hope you are well and life is treating you OK.

  31. Hi,
    Our site has been very quiet for the last couple of years. Come on all my old classmates let us know how you have fared over the last 6 decades.

    Dave Willats

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