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  1. Hi Janet
    I’m one of the Thompson twins, Jean and Joyce. We were at Mayfield Girls School from 1953 and remember all those teachers you mentioned. Jean and I are now 72 years of age. Jean lives in Clacton-on-Sea with her husband Ken. I have lived in Poole, Dorset, for the last 27 years with my husband Tony. How long have you lived in France? We have heard from a Jean Mason, do you remember her? Hope to hear from you. Kind regards, Joyce.

  2. Hi there. I left Mayfield in 1956 to go to S.E.Tech. I remember all the teachers you are talking about and also the twins Jean and Joyce who were friends with me. I also joined Mayfield when it was brand new from Barley Lane School.

  3. Hi Janet
    Tony Saltwell here. Your Mum worked with my Mum Gladys Saltwell at the Seven Kings Telephone Exchange and my sister Janet Saltwell was named the same as your first name. I would love to contact Richard as I was at school with him and used to come to your Mum and Dads flat in Chadwell Heath High Road. If possible could you let me have any contact details.
    All the very best.

  4. Hi Tony.
    Well, this was a surprise. Unfortunately, Richard and I have not been in communication for over 15 years. The last address I had was 93, Studland Park, Westbury, Wilts, BA13 3HN. Last phone number 01373 864672.
    He got married again to a Janet, and they had two more children but I have never met them. Mum died in 1980 and Dad came to live with me. He died some 24 years ago. My husband and I moved to SW France and he died 8 years ago. I still live here on my own. I am now 74!! Where does time go???
    Hope this info can help you. Take care. Best regards, JAN.

  5. Hi Jan
    Thanks for the info. I have checked it out and Richard is still there. The number is on a call screening so hopefully I will eventually reach him, he might be away at the moment. Hope all is ok with you.

  6. Hi Janet
    I have met up with Richard, he is still living in Westbury. We had a very good catch up and will be meeting up again. I went down to Westbury as it was easier for me to go on the train than for him to come up to London by car. He would very much like to contact you and has asked me for your email address. Could you please let me have it so that I can pass it on.
    Many thanks
    Tony Saltwell

  7. Hi Janet
    I have been in touch with your brother Richard. I am afraid Richard is not too well and is very keen to know your whereabouts and if you are ok. If you would like Richard’s mobile and email I can get them for you. You may remember my sister, Janet Saltwell, who also went to Mayfield.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Tony Saltwell

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