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  1. Where on earth did you get this photograph? I wonder what happened to the guy next to me, John Prigg? Any ideas? Thanks for the photograph though. It really stirs up old memories.

  2. Hi Ben,
    Great to hear from you. Last time I saw you, you was in uniform and on a police motor cycle in Chelmsford. How are you doing, keeping well I hope? I see you joined the wild west then, “sheriff”!
    I can’t remember exactly when I took that photo with you and John in it – round-about the time of the photo underneath. That was when “Dick” and the “Ambassadors” left Mayfield Girls School and started meeting at Roding Lane Free Church. Some of us went to Roding Lane – some stayed at Clementswood Baptist Church, and John Prigg and Alan Parker went to Upney Baptist Church. (That’s if I’ve got it right after all these years).
    I’m retired now and living in Maldon (Essex) and have been for over 30 years.
    How long have you been in the USA? How did you get the job of Sheriff?
    Very best regards

  3. It would appear we have a lot to catch up on. I am doing well and living in Virginia, USA and have been since 1991. Got a trifle bored in retirement and joined the Florida Sheriff’s Dept in Pasco County. Served ten years and moved to Virginia in 2010. Now basically a horticultural retiree. The ears still perk up if I hear them playing my song though (Police Emergency Sirens). Take care and look after yourself.

  4. Hi Ben,
    Yes I’ve been catching up on a lot of memories. I think you went to Goodmayes Primary/Junior School in the late 40’s early 50’s like me. Do you remember any of those teachers, the head. was a Mr. Tester?
    I know you went to the Mayfield Girls School “Ambassador” meetings Dick Fry used to hold. Quite a number of us boys attended the meetings on Sunday afternoons. Unfortunately Dick died as a result of an asthma attack in 1986 and quite a lot of us met at his funeral, including John Prigg. That was the last time I saw John.
    I have started emailing Peter Hoye. He is living in Australia now. As you know back in 1960 he moved to New Zealand with his mother.
    I hope you are keeping well, not too many aches and pains!
    Very best regards

  5. Hi Ben, Wow how many years have passed. I knew that you had joined the Essex Constabulary. Interesting that you fled the country. I spent 41 years in the Met. 31 in uniform and 10 as a civilian. I note that I seem to be the only one eating in the above photo. Times have not changed. I am still at Roding Lane Free Church and am an elder. I see Mike about once a year and Jim Butler occasionally. Alan Parker came to the church about 4 years ago to speak about the dangers in food. He is (or was) a public analyst. I talk to Peter Hoy regularly on Skype. I am still in contact with Mrs Fry. She is a sprightly 94 year old. Best wishes David Walker

  6. Good heavens! Yes I too spent years in one uniform or another. It went Army, Police UK, US Air Patrol, US Deputy Sheriff. I will not count the years as I still think I am 21! Very happy to hear you communicate with some of our old friends and know that they too are thriving. I only have touch with Mike Kneller and Barry Eaton, although I have not heard from either for quite a while so, I just hope and pray they are well. Oh I nearly forgot, I was in Salvation Army uniform in UK too. Give my best to all and communicate by my e-mail if you so desire. Take care old friend and live well.

  7. I occasionally look at the website, but just had a closer look after Dave Walker alerted me to Mike’s blog. Amazing to see the photos of the gang at Mayfield Girl’s. I can fill in a few gaps in the penultimate photo: Adam Skinner is actually Keith Skinner, then Les Dorrington (can only just see), followed by Roger Harcourt. Can’t remember the rather elegant young man between Malcolm Filmer and myself. We look a very smart group in our jackets and ties. Not sure I feel too comfortable the way I’m fiddling with my collar. Certainly a rare thing for me to wear a tie today!! Still living in Essex, Saffron Walden, where I have been since 1978. Thanks to Dick Fry moving to Roding Lane, I met and eventually married Marilyn one of the lovely young ladies we had the pleasure of meeting after our very sheltered life at Mayfield Boy’s. Marilyn and I had 4 children and currently have 5 grandchildren. Funny because I too only feel 21!! Sadly Marilyn died 10 years ago. I still keep in touch with Dave Walker (or more truthfully, Dave keeps in touch with me) and keeps me updated regards a few ex Mayfield pupils. This is probably the first, maybe second time I’ve made an effort to make contact with anyone else from those days. My older brother Edward, who only spent 2 years at Mayfield before moving up the road to South East Essex Tech, has made more effort to get in touch with his fellow mates. Mike we must get together and exchange stories soon. Best wishes, Jim Butler

  8. Hi Jim. Great to hear from you. Yes we must do that my email address is: (address forwarded to Jim Butler – Ed). A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since we went to Mayfield. Maybe we could arrange something.


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