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  1. Hi, I left Mayfield in 1959. I was in Miss Nicholson class. My name was Carol Green
    Regards Carol.

  2. I left school at the Christmas term in 1959 so maybe you were in a class above mine. Do you still live in the area? Thanks for getting in touch.

  3. Hi,
    I see you are trying to make contact with Margaret Brock, have you had any luck? We were very good friends after she left Mayfield and I would very much like to meet up again.

    Dave Willats.

  4. Hello Dave
    No I’ve had no luck in finding Margaret, the last time I saw her she was married and living with her husband in Switzerland. Your name seems familiar did you go on holiday to Tossa de Mar, Spain, around 1960/61? Margaret and I were on holiday there and we met two guys from Goodmayes who she was friendly with. If it is you then I still have a photo of us there!
    I hope you have some news for me!

  5. Hi Christine,
    Thank you for your prompt reply, sadly I am not one of the guys from Goodmayes. After commenting on your post I have given the old grey cells some overtime. I knew Margaret while she was still at school (an early girlfriend) maybe that’s why my name seems familiar. If you do find out where she is please let me know and I will do the same if I manage to trace her. Through life you meet a few people who you really like and never forget. Margaret was one of those to me. Lets hope she decides to pop up one day.
    Regards Dave.

  6. I bumped into Margaret Clarke back in the 70’s. I was living on Lanzarote, and a guy (from Tenerife) I knew told me he spoke good English because he and his friend went to the South East Essex Technical College. I used to live in Longbridge Road and I used to go swimming there with my friends and Margaret Clarke. When I mentioned this, he said his had friend married a girl called Maggie! Turned out to be Margaret Clarke and she and her husband and children were living in Las Palmas, and I visited them once. I believe they might now be living in Tenerife. Small world!

  7. Hello my name is Jean Fowler (nee Mason) and I left Mayfield in 1959. I was in Miss Nicholson’s class and Miss Tappenden was the Head Mistress in 1952/53.

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