1959 Peter Binns — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Peter,

    I remember that camping holiday on Mersea Island with Mr. Fry (‘Dick’). I don’t think I cycled to Mersea but went in someones car.

    Thing is – it was my bike that was strapped to the back of Dick’s car. As I recall it was a wet night, pouring with rain and we were at the Mayfield Girls School for a meeting. Dick offered to take me home in his car to save me getting wet and strapped my bike onto the back boot of his Wollesley. Unfortunately he forgot to allow for the extra width and when he went through the entrance smashed the bike against the gates. New forks and wheels I think it needed after that.

    Happy days!!

    Mike Kneller

  2. Hi Peter & Mike. Yes, I went to that camp with you as well. Most of us cycled. It was or seemed quite a bit further than Danbury Park where we also camped. Mr Bill Beaumont a science teacher was also there as well as Stan Frankland, I think. Was it me? I think that the food was a bit scarce and sent a postcard home. A couple of days later a large fruit cake arrived by post from my mother. We had a great time demolishing it in the tent after dark.They were great times and Dick Fry became a long standing friend until he sadly passed away. I am still in touch with Phyllis his widow who is about 95 now and still active. Dick’s car was indeed a Wolsely index no KPE637. How about that for a useless bit of memory!! Best Wishes. Dave Walker

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