1959/60 Senior Football Team — 10 Comments

  1. Wonderful photo’s that recall great memories. Are any ‘lads’ still in contact?

  2. Hi Ken
    Yes these, with many other photos and reports, remind us of good times. I keep in contact with Colin Taylor and Roy Hollingsworth and a few other old Mayfield friends, but only once or twice a year. Hope you are keeping well.

  3. Hi Frank
    Nice to hear from you. I also kept quite a few team photo’s and Ilford Recorder match reports. I will dig them out of the loft and post the best of them on Mayfield Memories. Can’t believe, can you, that it is 54 years since those photos? Hope you are also keeping well.

  4. Just looked at your football photo. Yes, I can remember you from the photo. I was in Carrick’s class. What a tyrant he was. I can remember being hit numerous times with either the blackboard rubber or chalk being thrown at me for being asleep. I use to have a paper round before school. Not sure if you played football with my cousin Allen Plumb. He played for Mayfield. Also a close friend of mine, Bill Fyfield who ended up with T.Rex.

  5. Hi Frank
    What wonderful memories these photos you have shown, and a great bunch of lads never forgotten. It will be great if Ken can display his photos as well.

  6. I remember Dave Short, used to live across from the girls school.

  7. Hi David, Ken, Pauline, glad you find them of interest. Hope your all keeping well. Frank

  8. Great photos. There are names I remember but having left the school for a life at sea I never saw any of them again.

  9. I am the unnamed player in the photographs

    Thank you for the information, Peter. The question marks in the captions have now been replaced with your name. – Tony Gocke

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