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  1. I can remember growing up with Bill, and David on Marks Gate estate. Going to the Covenators which was a boys organisation associated with the local Baptist church. It was there that Bill, Dave and myself were all baptised as Born again Christians. I have lost touch with Dave since he moved to New Zealand. But gave met up with Bill on a few occasions. Bill and I still gave a strong faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

  2. Good to hear from you Richard, and hope the family are keeping well! Yes we had a great time living in Marks Gate and attending Covenater and the Church there that had only just been built! Its amazing how God has His hand upon your life and how he still does. I guess we’ve all been through some ‘stuff” in our lives but God has been good as Jesus becomes more and more the center of it! That’s what I want Richard as I know you do also! It was good to meet up when Tony and I played at your daughters 21st…
    So take care and every blessing to you and the family. Lets hope we can meet again in the near future! Bill

  3. Hi Bill, are you still in San Francisco? I am taking Linda on a surprise holiday for her 65th, Las Vegas then onto San Francisco. We will be there 5th to 7th May. If you’re there we could meet up. Have you still got my email?

  4. Hi Richard… We live in the Sierras about 150 miles due east of San Francisco. Haven’t been there for some time and, unfortunately, I’m hoping to be back in the UK when you’re due in San Francisco would you believe. However, if and when I’m in England I’ll check to see if you’re going to be around when I’ll be there! I do have your email now so I’ll write at length soon. Blessings! Bill.

  5. Hi Bill so good to hear from you again. Hear from you soon.


  6. I remember Bill’s mum and dad, Rose and Arthur coming to our house near Potters Bar at Christmas. Arthur and my Dad John Gough, were in the army together I think Bill came a couple of times. Rose and Arthur were really nice and Arthur always played our piano. Happy Times.

  7. I met Marc Bolan four times in all and one occasion interviewed him for Canadian radio in 1975. I am sorry I didn’t get to meet you Bill, because it would have been good to have a got a band member’s perspective. The interview which survived from a listening copy was on a pod cast from UKRadio in New York a couple of weeks ago. It was also used in a 2012 edition of Johnnie Walker’s Sounds of the Seventies. It’s interesting to note that you are in the US, because my first professional attempts at radio were in fact in the US. Since then I have worked for both the BBC and ILR networks and still do some broadcasting with veteran Keith Skues for the BBC and also some programming for local radio. I’ve played T Rex records on air for many years. Well keep up the good work and keep on a’rocking.

  8. Hi Ben, goodness me your mum and dad and mine were really good friends. Yes, dad and your dad (Ginger) were in the army together and I have some photos of them. I came to your house many times and it would be great to catch up with you. If you are on face book you can find me under (Eileen Fifield -Dean ). If not email me at Would be lovely to hear from you. From Eileen Dean nee Fifield

  9. So nice to hear all about your musical career. I used to live in Hockley too, nice village. We went to see the Marc Bolan shrine at the weekend, and so the music of T Rex still lives on!

  10. T Rex, a wonderful band that will never be forgotten. So interesting to hear about Bill’s Christian faith he seems very contented with his life now. I had a crush on Mickey Finn as a teenager! It is very sad that he passed away at the age of fifty five and we all know what happened to Marc and Steve. So Bill is the only one left. He sounds very down to earth and approachable which is nice.

  11. Hello Bill. You may not remember me. I lived few doors away from you near Marks Gate. I hope you are well.

  12. My daughter Monica and I were discussing old times and we checked in on your site and I gasped when I saw your image speaking, it was like looking at your dear ‘old’ dad Arthur. In the 50’s we worked together and I was his assistant manager when we both worked at Jeyes’s Fluid in Barking Essex. We visited you all when you lived in Ilford and vice versa as we lived in Barking. My wife, Pat, my daughter Monica and I moved back to where I was born, in the Maldon area and your dear mum and dad visited us often, I still have a photo of Eileen and them . Your dear mum Rose at one time was in Maldon hospital and I used to visit her before she sadly left us like my wife Pat did quite recently she was lovely, kind and caring, both of them were!
    I am an old man of 96 now and your dad and I enjoyed a flutter on the horses and we spoke on the telephone often until he passed away in his nineties. He was a remarkable man and doubtless his many attributes were passed on to his beloved children yourself, David and Eileen. Anyway young man look after yourself and your family, we pass this way but once! Kind regards Peter.

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