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  1. I read with interest the piece by Cherrie Dunstan. I remember those school dinner times as well, having to wait table for the teachers and being a milk monitor. Those were the days. The piece about Scarborough really brought back some wonderful memories. The hotel that we stayed in was believed to be haunted. The late night snacks and the endless giggles and talks about boys. I remember a friend and myself going for a walk and being ‘picked up’ by two soldiers. We enjoyed a stroll along the beach with them and they walked us back to our hotel. We arranged to meet them the following day. No chance. We had been spotted by a teacher who went ballistic and kept a very close eye on us for the rest of the holiday. I think she saw two ‘fallen’ women in the making. I remember we went to Robin Hood’s Bay and Whitby, with its spooky Abbey. I also recall all the songs we sang on the coach both going to Scarborough and on the way home. I remember the song ‘What do you want if you don’t want money’ was popular at the time. Adam Faith I believe. We did a parody of it because of the hotel food. It started with ‘What do you want if you don’t want bacon, what do you want if you don’t want beans?’ Strange how one ex-pupil recalling her ‘Mayfield Memories’ has triggered so many happy memories for me.
    Jeannette Oatley (nee Ferguson)

  2. Jeannette this is Pat, one of the Sadler twins. I remember Cherrie Lawrence, we played netball together with Miss Kimber as our coach. I don’t know if you remember my twin sister, Sheila. We use to wear green jumpers with red stripes. I can’t believe that we are now 67. I live in Canada and my sister in Australia, but she is returning to England soon. I know Cherrie is a artist and she renovates old buildings and lives in France. Please email me back and let me know all the news. I remember the trip to Scarborough. Margaret Margaret Arneil came and Pam McGlashon. Miss Richardson was one of the teachers who came. Do you remember the German maid at the hotel we stayed at? I also remember all the giggles.
    Pat Hopper (nee Saddler)

  3. I remember the school dinners were great and serving up also. I am hoping someone remembers the Sadler twins, please email.
    Pat Sadler

  4. Hi guys, have just read some of your comments and how time has flown. Well, we did not get to France. Our daughter (only had the one) saw an old chapel, in Somerset, with her husband and asked us what do we think of turning it into a home. Yes it is do able, but a lot of hard work, so they bought it. We did the designs and work started. We travelled down every Thursday and went home on the Monday, so giving them long weekends for us all to work on the chapel. We still had our clients back home in Wandsworth to look after. Well after a year of back and forwards, we decided to go and live in Somerset. Sold up, we did say we will give you six months, then we are off to paint and do metal sculpturing.
    Due to hold up of French oak a year flew by. They had been living in a mobile home by the side of the chapel, with their two dogs. When it was completed we won an award for the South West Best Build. They come over for supper and said ‘hey mum, you are going to grandparents.’ Well that little bit of the channel could have been the Pacific, so we did not go. We now have two superb grand-daughters aged eight and six, both so different.
    But growing up the oldest one would open the main doors and like most chapels it is very close to the main road. So they decided they wanted to move. They could not find another place to do up and said to us what about sharing a place together. So we found ‘Brook House’ – with a brook. We lived in it for over a year. We have redesigned it and pulled it to pieces. It is old, 1800, with add on’s up to 1918, and we’re still working. They are at the youngest part of the house and we have the other end with thick walls. we will have floating staircase and in side will be ultra modern, We have new oak beams and when we did the roof we found straw then reeds, other tiles and then the terracotta originals that you can see. The mess was dreadful, but we now have high ceilings taking the roof shape (triangular) and showing the old heavy beams along with the new.
    When it’s finished they will have their part and we will have ours and it will look superb. The best thing about living all together is we see our grand daughters everyday. We take them to school and I help out with reading for the children at their school. We live outside the village in a hamlet. I never thought I would leave Wandsworth as we were only a tube away from the West End. There is no way I would want to go back. It’s very hard going to see old friends back home, we just love the space we have. At 73 still fit and healthy. I have Alopeacia Lichen Plainoplarias. Yep – my hair will all go – but I do have some superb wigs. New friends did not know my hair was not my own. I go on talks about loosing ones hair. I thought it just happened when you got old, and your hair thins. Mine is not hereditary, I cannot pass it on, it’s unknown. I try to get across to people male or female that if they are loosing their hair, bald in small patches, go see you doctor and have them refer you to a dermatologist. If you have Alopeacia they might give you the opportunity to see a Clinical Psychologist. Take the offer because it will really help you to cope with your fears and stress instead of passing the worry to your close family or friends. I fell about laughing when they arranged a meeting for me, but it made me feel great. No more stupid hats, I even go without my wig. Taking the kids to school I’ll get a tap on the shoulder, ‘Hey grandma you’ve forgotten your wig’ All the kids at school are fascinated and understand. We still keep our hand in with design I like abstract painting and metals.
    We have two cats, two dogs and the grand kids have loads of guinea pigs. This time the fellas have be fixed, we will only be left with 2 of each. Hope you are all alive and kicking and by the way I was the other girl in the picture with you, with the young soldiers. My mother, when she move house, found the pictures of all of us even the two student girl helpers at the hotel, but I cannot find them now.
    Take care love Cherrie

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