1960 Field Trip — 5 Comments

  1. On the top left is Bill Wilmsler, with the cap on in the second row is Mick Herbert and on the left sitting on the truck is, I think, ? Parminter.
    Vic Hemming

  2. Front row on extreme right hand side (sitting on the cart) looks like Lesley Cane who used to live in Blythswood Road.

  3. No, I don’t remember a Lesley Cane. I think his surname was Prigg, although I stand to be corrected.

  4. That is Leslie Cane front row seats on right, I was in his class at Barley Lane Juniors.

  5. Having searched my brain cells from 50 odd years ago, I believe you may be right. There was a lad named Prigg but obviously not him. I wonder what they are all up to now!!

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