1959 Swimming Certificate — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Frank
    Not sure if you are the Frank that I knew at Redaluma paint who was constantly spraying his scooter.
    From Richard Hewes

  2. Hi Richard, thanks for the message. Redaluma paints Grove road, yes that’s me. Sorry, I cannot recollect where our paths crossed but it was good to hear from you. Best wishes, Frank

  3. Hi Frank
    I was a young lad that worked in the office. I think you worked in the lab in a white coat. I wasn’t there long. I went off to work in London in the alarm business. Been in security ever since. I can remember you having your scooter panels dipped to become copper coloured.
    You must be a little older than me. I’m reaching the big 70 next year.
    Best regards. If I don’t hear from you have a great Christmas

  4. Hi Richard I stayed in the surface coatings industry all my working life specializing in wood finishing. You are, right I am just coming up to my 70th, all being, well at Christmas. Hope your well, best wishes Frank

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