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  1. Bob Easton and Bernard Smith continued to swim for the school and for Essex, I believe, until leaving Mayfield in 1964, aged 16. I was in the same class as them and counted them as friends. I continued my friendship with Bob Easton until he married and settled down about 1970, when we sadly lost touch.

  2. Hi Chris
    As my brother was part of the English schools winning relay I can add a little re both Bob Easton and Bernard Smith.
    When I left school in 1966 I worked, until 1969, in the Ilford county court. Also working there was Mrs Easton, Bobs mum, who I got to know very well.
    Bernard was a frequent visiter to my house in Chadwell Heath in the 1960s and early 1970s. He contacted my brother Paul, via Friends Reunited around 2000, and he was traveling a fair bit between GB and Australia where one or more of his children were living. In 2003 he turned up at King Georges hospital and visited my father who was very ill and unfortuanatly died. My dad hadnt seen Bernard for over 30 years and it was a really lovely thing for Bernard to do. A few weeks later Bernard and his wife turned up at my father’s funeral. I had a long chat to him afterwards as did my brother Paul who flew over from Australia for the funeral.
    I havent seen or heard from Bernard since but he really hadnt aged much in 30 years, unlike myself.
    Malcolm Staight

  3. Hi Malcolm, thanks for that news. I knew Mr & Mrs Easton quite well as Bob and I frequently visited each others houses until about 1969/70. I don’t recall ever seeing Bernard after we left school, although I do recall him being at my house once and trying on my dad’s hats that were in the hall. My dad was watching, unknown to us, over the bannisters and found it quite amusing. If you do ever hear from him again, please give him my regards.

  4. I just came across the Mayfield Memories 1960 Swimming Team article. The placings you have for the inter-schools freestyle relay are incorrect. Beckenham and Penge Grammar School were third, not fifth. I should know. I was there and swam first in that team.

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