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  1. We are the Thompson twins, Jean and Joyce, who attended Mayfield School from 1953 and left approx 1956/57. We remember Miss Tappenden but, unfortunately, do not have any photographs. If anyone remembers us we would like to hear from you.

  2. Hello Jean and Joyce
    I spoke with one of your daughters a while ago. Hope you are both keeping well. I lost my dear husband in July and don’t like being alone but have to make the most of it. I am keeping well and busy with the local U3A. Hope to hear from you both.
    Regards – Jean

  3. Hi Jean, lovely to hear from you, hope you are keeping well. Sorry to hear about your husband. My sister, Jean, and I are well. Obviously we have aches and pains but at our age, 72, not doing bad. Jean and I phone each other every day and night. Please keep in touch, take care.

  4. Hi Joyce, lovely to hear from you. I have just found Patricia Elvines, don’t know if you remember her. Incredibly she has was living just round the corner from me for 30 years and we didn’t know it. We have spent the last few weeks catching up and hope to meet up soon. Take care, remember me to Jean.

  5. Hi Jean, lovely to hear from you again. The name Patricia Elvines rings a bell with my twin Jean. Have not heard from anyone else. Where did you say you are living now? Hopefully we could also meet up with you and Patricia sometime. Anyway take care, Jean and I send our regards and best wishes to you and Patricia. Hope to hear from you soon.

  6. Hello Joyce, thank you for responding. I am living in Benfleet in Essex and Patricia is living on Canvey Island in Essex – not far from me. If I remember rightly you and Jean are living in the West Country aren’t you? Pat sent me our last school photo. What a motley crew we were. We left a year after you. I remember most of the names, just one or two I couldn’t remember. I hope Pat can fill in the gaps. I understand her health isn’t too good, but she hasn’t gone into detail. Please keep in touch. best wishes. Jean

  7. Thanks, Jean, for replying. Our sister, Rosina, lives in South Benfleet and she also went to Mayfield school. Rosina is 2 years older than us. Jean lives at Clacton on Sea, Essex. I live in Poole Dorset. I come down to Essex once a month to my eldest daughter Sharon. Sorry to hear about Pat’s health, we wish her well. Jean and I will keep in touch. Kind regards – Joyce.

  8. Hello Joyce, thanks for replying. I never knew you had a sister Rosina. Where abouts in South Benfleet does she live? and where does your Sharon live in Essex?
    best wishes

  9. Good morning Jean. My sister, Rosina, lives in Thundersley Park Road and my daughter, Sharon, lives in Mashiters Hill, Romford. Anyway, Jean, have agood day. Best wishes Joyce.

  10. Hi Joyce, Thundersley Park Road is just up the road to me – another amazing!

  11. Hi Jean, it’s amazing. Hopefully when I’m up your way we could meet up. Anyway take care, kind regards, Joyce.

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