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  1. In July 2015 I met up with George Baines and gave him the small shield shown in the photo and the one from 1963. I know George and myself would like news of the 1961 and 1963 team members and, perhaps, arrange a reunion. Any news or information on the team members would be appreciated. John Frankland

  2. Hi John
    Firstly I would love to get in touch with George Baines and I know Bernard Smith and Malcolm Clark who have both been on this site would like to as well.

    As for the 1961 team my brother Paul lives in Australia who I am visiting next March for a month. He will retire from coaching swimming next March something I did 2 years ago. Paul is easy to contact on Facebook or by phone and I would be pleased to pass on to George if he wants it.

    Re Bernard Smith. I last saw him in 2003 at my dads funeral. Bernard spends time between the UK and Australia where he has children and I think Grand children. He reads the Mayfield Memories site as he added to a posting I put up re the passing away of Derek Spratt, ex Ilford Swimming Club Coach, about 18 months ago.

    Re Ian Ramsey the news I had was not good but I only got this second had. Whilst attending Harold Fox’s (ex Seven Kings swimming coach) funeral one of his ex swimmers and Mayfield pupils told me Ian had committed suicide but I cannot confirm this. I think it was Les Gurden but I spoke to a number of his ex swimmers and Mayfield pupils incuding Trevor Moss and John Gardener and his brother Peter so may have been someone else.
    I have John Gardeners phone number who was in the 1963 team he lives on the south coast near Christchurch and I know he looks at this site.
    Re Bob Easton I have no news on him.

    I am more than happy if George wants to contact me to pass on info.

    Re yourself John, am I right you live up near Lowestoft as I often visit an Uncle up there and would be happy to meet up.

  3. Hi John

    Good to hear from you,
    What a lot of names from 50 years ago. Malcolm is quite right I was living on the South Coast but we now live in a small village called Ewelme in Oxfordshire.
    The family is much bigger 4 children and 6 grand children! Peter (brother) lives in Brentwood.
    Would be delighted to hear from anyone who knows me.


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