1961 Tony Atkinson — 1 Comment

  1. I remember a funny incident that took place during one of Mr Jackson’s, we called him ‘Jacko’, geography lessons. We were up in his geography room one sunny and balmy afternoon being taught all about the geography of South America. There were two huge scale maps suspended from the ceiling by rope tackles and pulleys, one of which he needed lowering to point out various contours and landmarks with a stick. Classmate Gammal Singh was assigned the job of operating the maps tackle to lower it. Jacko was waiting impatiently beneath it whilst Gammal struggled and fumbled with the maps ropes, one hoisted it up and one lowered it. Gammal couldn’t make it out and let go the ropes to have a think about it. Whoosh! Down came the map in a rush which slithered over and engulfed Jacko’s head. A lad called Peter Long who had a loud nervous uncontrolable laugh which in such circumstances he blurted out a big laugh. Jacko struggled clear of the map. Gammal looked worried and shook with fear, but it was Peter Longs laugh that Jacko recognized. ‘FETCH THE CANE AND PUNISHMENTMENT BOOK FROM THE HEADMASTERS OFFICE, lONG’ roared Jacko. Peter Long’s turn to shake with fear and red in the face trundled off to fetch the cane. On his return Jacko announced to the class that he was not going to make a public exhibition of the caning and took Peter Long out into the corridor to administer punishment. We all heard the swish and whops of the cane, little whimpers could be heard from Peter, three strokes I think it was. Gammal escaped punishment and the geography lesson resumed with no further trouble, until the the lesson concluded and Jacko collected in his pencils, one had gone missing but thats another story.

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