1962 Janet Maynard — 10 Comments

  1. Miss Nicholson was my favorite (American spelling) teacher too. She was way ahead of her time and encouraged me to challenge the status quo and travel, travel, travel!
    Freda Matsuda (nee Waters)

  2. Our Year 2 teacher was Mrs. Butler, Miss Starkey was Year 3, and Miss Nicholson was Year 4 in the Library. The other book I remember from her class was “Cry Beloved Country”. Mrs. Butler was more into poetry, “Sea Fever” – John Masefield and Rudyard Kipling’s “If” were the ones I remember. Miss Nicholson was also very enthusiastic about a young politician called John F. Kennedy!
    Christine Horsley (nee Staniforth)

  3. Hello Janet, I was wondering if you are Andrew’s sister? We were friends at school and also used to meet up in the holidays, we both went to Mayfield boys school.
    Robert Paton

  4. Hello Robert, yes I am Andy’s sister but I am afraid I don’t remember you. Did you ever come over to our house, we lived in Chadwell Heath quite near to Chadwell Heath Park. Andy is married, has two children, and now lives in Ilford. I have told him about this site but he seemed not to want to join it, however I will tell him that you were asking after him.
    Janet Mathews (nee Maynard)

  5. Hi Janet. I was going to ask you a question about your brother but I see Robert has. I used to go round with Andy and a few others, including Phil Marshall who recently got in touch with me after 45 years. If possible could you ask Andy to get in touch with Phil as we are trying to find the group we went round with as teenagers.
    Thanks, Penny Hutchins

  6. Hi Janet, yes I used to come over to your house and Andrew used to come to mine. We were also friends with a Peter Smith who lived just down the road from you. All the best Robert Paton

  7. Hi Penny

    I spoke to Andy last night and I am sending all the correspondence on to him, he seemed quite intrigued by it. I do remember Phil Marshall very well, he was always around our house. If I remember correctly he joined the RAF and was stationed at RAF Locking, Weston-super-Mare which is only 5 minutes away from where I now live! Small world isn’t it! Janet Mathews

  8. Hi Janet

    Many thanks for answering. If Andy is interested I have Phil’s email address. Yes he was in the RAF, left after 11 years. It was so strange to hear from him after all those years but brought back many pleasant memories. Once again thank you for replying.
    Penny Hutchins

  9. Hi Janet
    I cannot believe I have found you – hope you remember me – Eunice Faulkner (now Streeter). I moved to Chadwell Heath when we were both 9 and was put in Miss Vine’s class and sat next to you on my first day – we became best friends but unfortunately drifted apart when I got married. I lived in Brian Road but spent so much time at your house. I have so many memories and questions and would love to hear from you.

  10. Of course I remember you, we were always out together and I was your bridesmaid. I will ask Tony to send you my email address and we can exchange news as I have so much to ask you as well. X

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