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  1. I remember your name although I cannot picture what you looked like. We were probably in the same class at some stage. I left Mayfield in 1962. During my time at Mayfield I was friends with Irene Brown and we remained close friends until she sadly passed away in Germany in 1994. Some years ago a few Mayfield Girls got together for a reunion initiated by Pamela Jones and her sister Valerie who both live in Canada. The ones who attended were Brenda Allen, Janet Devis, Linda Vince and myself together with a few others who read about the reunion on this website. Brenda, Janet, Linda and myself still meet up every month for lunch, so if you still live in Essex please join us, you are more than welcome.

    Valerie Hopkins

  2. Thanks Valerie, I do remember your name, as remembered loads on the photos, Ann Grossman, Brenda Allen, Maureen Petchey to name a few. I do live in Essex, actually in Hornchurch. Thanks for the invite, may well take you up on it when the weather gets better. I was saddened to see a couple of the girls in our years had passed on, but I supposed when you think about it, it was 50 odd years ago. I had dark hair, was fairly tall, I lived in Barley Lane. Was friendly with Moira Walker, Jackie Dunkerton, to name a couple. Jackie now lives in Spain and has done for several years.
    Thanks for taking the time to come back to me.

    Jenny Francis (nee Want)

  3. Hello Jennifer, lovely to get your message, I do remember your name but cannot picture your face, were you in the panorama photo? I have lived in Western Australia since 1981, before that I lived in Alma Avenue, Hornchurch. I enjoy Mayfield Memories very much, it brings back so many memories. I hope life has treated you well.

    Sandra Garrett

  4. Sandra lovely to hear from you, I was fairly tall with dark hair, lived in Barley Lane. Was more friendly with Jackie Dunkerton and Moirai Walker, remember Valerie Lever, Vivienne Woods, and several others, am in touch with Carol Masters if you remember her. Wow Western Australia, sounds lovely, I’m in Emerson Park Hornchurch, life has been good have two lovely daughters aged 47 and 40 and a son aged 37, all doing well. I found this site quite by chance via Facebook. Good memories.
    Jennifer Francis (nee Want)

  5. Hi Jenny

    Great to hear from you. I am still in contact with Maureen Petchey, we have remained good friends since Mayfield plus Diane Gilderson, they both now live in Lincolnshire. Are you in the panorama school photo of 1962. Ann Grossman came to lunch with us all in 2009, she now lives in Devon. Also do you remember Freda Waters? Freda lives in California. She came over in 2009 and 2011 and it was lovely to meet up with her again after so many years. She also keeps in touch by e-mail on a regular basis. I have asked Tony Gocke to pass on to you my e-mail address and look forward to hearing from you.

    Val Hopkins

  6. My goodness everyone scattered far and wide, have your email address so will email you. Do you remember Pamela Nutt she was very good friends with Ann Grossman. I wondered too if you remember Jackie Dunkerton. She now lives in Spain and we see her sometimes. Not sure if I am in the panorama pic will have to take a closer look. Remember Diane very well, did see her once or twice in the early years after we left. She had incredibly dark hair. The family owned the funeral parlour. Will try and look out a photo, I know I have one from when I was 16 so will email it to you. Take care now. Will email you
    Jenny Francis (nee Want)

  7. If you’d like to email your photo to me, Jenny, I’ll add it to your post.
    Regarding Pamela Nutt, she has a website called ‘Nutty Art’ ( I did a post about her on an old Mayfield Memories site but it was left out when I built this version.

    Tony Gocke

  8. Hello Jennifer. I remember your name from Goodmayes Primary School along with Christine Barwick and Christine Penn. I did go on to Mayfield. I have two children one of each and complete with Grandchildren. I met Moira Walker at my friend Barry O’Reilly’s engagement party. It would have been in the early 1960s. He lived in Gresham Drive. I now live in Ruislip, Middx. Nice to know life has treated you well, best wishes George Page.

  9. Hi George I do remember you, so nice to hear from you. Glad life is treating you well too. I have two grandsons, aged 3 and 5. Haven’t seen or heard from Moirai for very many years, I believe her sister Elizabeth lives in Scotland. Do you remember Colin and Ian Macgowan? They lived in Gresham too, sadly I learned on here that Colin had passed away. Remember Christine Bareick and Christine Penn, there was also John Porter, Nigel Funnell Christine Davies to name a few. Best wishes Jenny Francis (nee Want)

  10. Hi Jenny, nice to know you remembered me. I played in the same cricket team as Ian McGowan. There is a picture of us in the 1959 Cricket Team, you can see it on this site:

    I knew J. Porter, he lived in Budoch Court and Nigel Funnell lived in Haslemere Road off Green Lane. I do remember Christine Davies. The last time I saw Colin McGowan we had a drink in the Seven Kings Hotel. He lived in South Woodham Ferris That was in the 70s. Sad to hear he had passed away. Thanks for the reply it reminded me of some old friends.
    Best wishes George Page

  11. Hello Jennifer, I saw your name and thought I’d say hi. Don’t know if you remember me. We met a few times and I remember your house in Barley Lane. I was friends with the McGowans and went to the Sea Cadets.
    All the best Dave Marlow

  12. Hi David, don’t remember you that well I’m sorry to say, probably an age thing! Did you live in GreshamDrive. Sadly I heard that Colin has passed away. Apparently went to live in Australia, came back to live in Spain and a few years ago succumbed to Cancer. Don’t know what happened to Ian. How can you forget that house in Barley Lane with that Windmill in the front garden! Hope life has treated you well and kindly.
    All the best to you too, Jenny Francis (nee Want)

  13. Hello Jenny, Thank you for your reply. No it’s not an age thing, we only met a couple of times but yes I do remember the windmill. I heard the sad news about Colin, I did see him a few times after he returned from Australia.
    Yes life has not been too bad, I live in Southend now and still working.

    Take care Dave

  14. Hello Jen, dont know if you remember me, one of the old Gresham Drive gang. I lived at 35, mum still does, the whole gang of us used to play in Gresham. I was same age as Christopher and used to play football with him, David and Adrian up the Hawbush. Others in our crowd were Colin and Ian McGowan, Rob and Christine Preedy, Alan Cullen, Audrey Smith etc. When I saw your name I immediately remebered the last time I saw you. We were walking out of Gresham turning towards your old house and you were engaged or married and said you were moving to Silver End. I didn’t know where it was and still don’t. Lovely to recall those great days and good friends. x Mike.

  15. Hi Mike vaguely remember you but think that’s an age thing! Got married in 1970 and moved to Silver End in November 1971 (it’s out Witham and Braintree way.) Moved back to Romford in 1977 now live in Hornchurch. Carole Cullen moved to Yorkshire I believe. Lost touch with her and the others. Heard recently that Colin was no longer with us. David lives in Boreham near Chelmsford, Adrian lives on the estate where the old Chadwell Hospital was and Chris lives in Clacton. Yes we did have some good laughs, life was so much simpler then. Am still in touch with Jackie Dunkerton (now Brown) who lived further up Barley Lane at 162. She lives with hubby in Spain. It is nice to recall good times and friends. Hope life been good to you, thanks for reminding me about the gang. x Jenny

  16. Yes, I do remember you Paul, do you remember Linda and Shirley Boult? A Facebook friend sent me a picture of 128 Barley Lane just the other day, I couldn’t recognise it, it’s so different. Finally ended up in Hornchurch, my brother Chris lives in Clacton, David in Chelmsford, Adrian on the fairly new estate off Barley Lane and Gillian in Aveley. Did you hear that Colin McGowan had passed away several years ago. Hope life has been kind and good to you. Jenny

  17. Hi Jen. I was just catching up with Mayfield Memories and saw your name. You probably won’t remember me. I lived in Lexden drive, backing onto your garden. I went to school with your immediate neighbour, Roger. Have you looked up Google Earth of Barley Lane? What changes, I can barely recognise the area. Px

  18. Hi Jenny. So sorry for the delay in responding. Our house is like a permanent hotel which is one of the drawbacks of living in a beautiful part of France so have waited until there was a gap before replying. Yes I did hear about Colin Mc. I think there was a couple of years difference between us so I didn’t know him that well. I think I played football with him and maybe cricket as I remember that the brothers were great sportsmen. Our neighbours were called Linda and Shirley but their name was Bailey so may not be the ones you are remembering. My parents moved to Frinton, so not so far from your brother. Px

  19. You are right it was Bailey! I was getting mixed up with the Boltitudes further down the road. Yes expect you would have a constant flow of visitors, hopefully to see you and the family rather than a sneaky few days holiday! When we had a swimming pool installed in the garden, when we had any decent summer days, we’d get friends and family “popping in” to see us and they all just happened to have swimwear and towels in the car. My mum and dad moved to Buckfastleigh in Devon but have passed away now. Remember the Easters and the Rogers families and the South African Thompsons. Did you actually back onto us or was it a couple of sisters? I remember whoever it was had a peach tree in the garden. Hope weather’s being kind, horrible here today but off to Portugal in a couple of weeks. Take care, Jenny

  20. Happy Christmas Jenny. I hope the weather is not affecting you too much and that you are able to be with your family and friends despite the disruption. We are off to the Alps on Sunday and will stay there in our camping car until February. Px

  21. Many thanks for your kind Christmas wishes and of course I wish the same to you and yours. The Alps eh that sounds great. I take it you are retired to be able to spend so much time away. Have a great time. We are doing our first ever cruise round the Italian med in June, and going to Portugal in September. Had my brother David round for Sunday lunch a couple of months ago was a lovely afternoon. Think we have been lucky, no storm damage though a lot of places are without electricity poor souls and there is a lot of flooding. Anyway thanks for thinking of us and have a great holiday . Jenny x

  22. I am not sure we were in the same class but I do remember having a friend in Barley Lane (there was a bus stop right outside her house) and am sure it was Jennifer Want. Also another friend, Sandra, lived nearby and we both had a mutual friend called Shirley Barker. I looked at the panoramic photo of 1962 and recognise quite a few faces but no names spring to mind. I lived in Seven Kings during the time I went to Mayfield.

  23. Yes Lynda that was me! Though memory not so good as it was! You may mean Sandra Joseph she lived near the school, I think Roxy Avenue but definitely Chadwell Heath Lane side. I looked at the photo as well but didn’t recognise hardly anyone. I’m in touch with Carol Masters as she was a friend at Goodmayes Junior as well. I think there was Sandra Garrett, Maureen Petchey, Brenda Allen, Christine Barwick, Valerie Lever, Susan Burnett Vivian Woods and of course Sandra Joseph in my class amongst others – Ann Grossman, Pamela Nutt and Moira Walker, perhaps you may remember some of them or at least their names. When I got married moved to Silver End nr Witham but moved to Romford in 1977 and now live in Emerson Park Hornchurch. Have two daughters one 48, one 41 and a son 38. Worked in the city till I had the children then a solicitors office for twenty years as a legal secretary and did 9 years at Harold wood and queens hospital in appointments and admissions. Now glad to say retired so is hubby, and we have two grandsons 6 and 4. So still keeping busy. How about you? What have you been doing over the years? Great to hear from you.

  24. Hi, Lynda Ellis rings a bell. Did you live in Oakwood Gardens?

  25. I used to live in Audley Gardens in Seven Kings. I moved to Epping when I was 21 then got married and lived in Sawbridgeworth. I have two children, a son of 38 and daughter 35 and a 19 month old grandson. I now live in Old Harlow near my daughter, son in law and grandchild, my daughter works so I help look after him.
    I too worked as a legal secretary most of my working life, firstly in London, then Brentwood and lastly in Chelmsford, doing personnel injury matters in the main. Mayfield seems a lifetime ago, so much has happened since those days. I do remember some of the names you mentioned and I recognise faces but not sure I can put them together.
    I hope your Christmas went well just got back from friends in Crawley, am off to my son’s in Epping for more food!

  26. Hi Jennifer, my sister Moira read your page and we both remember you and lots of the people that you mentioned. Moira is the same age as you, I am 2 years younger. We lived in Barley Lane, corner of Gresham. We both worked in the city until we married. My brother David went to Mayfield boys. Moira has a daughter, a son and 3 grandchildren with another one due soon. I live in the north of Scotland with my husband and have 2 sons, one a teacher and the other a music therapist. Moira remembers going down to your house. She was also friends with Wendy Duke whose dad had a band and played up town in clubs. I was friends with Shirley Bailey, Linda Robinson, Carol Stevens and Alison Jarvis who all lived in Lexdon Drive. Also the Blyde twins who lived in Barley Lane and Angela Phillips from Roxy Avenue.
    Take care Jennifer. Liz

    Moira works at Chadwell Academy (Mayfield) and has done for ages.

  27. Hi Elizabeth of course I remember you both. Am still in touch with Jackie Dunkerton who lives in Spain with her husband. So much has changed in Barley Lane. Have been married 44 years next month, Nicky will be 50 in April, our son Stuart 40 in April and daughter Sarah 42 in November. Sarah has two boys, aged 61/2 and 5. We now live in Emerson Park Hornchurch and have done for 21 years. I am retired now, my last job was at Harold Wood and Queens Hospital as a Pain Management Admissions Officer, before that was a legal secretary for 18 years. I remember Shirley and Lynda Bailey. A few months ago Paul McDowell also from Lexden Drive contacted me on here. Do you remember Colin McGowan? Sadly he has passed away. A Facebook friend now lives in what used to be the lodge at Goodmayes Hospital right opposite my old house, she sent me a picture of 128, didn’t recognise it. Lovely to hear from you, love to both you and Moira take care, Jenny x

  28. Hi Jennifer. I read with interest about all these names I remember. I also lived in Lexden Drive and went to Mayfield Girls but my parent emigrated to Australia in 1959 when I was 13. We lived at 34. I do remember the McGowan twins, they were in my class at Barley Lane, how sad. Linda Bailey was a good friend of mine, I would love to hear from her if she reads this.

  29. Hi Jennifer and Kae. Jennifer I went to school with your sister, Gillian. Remember good days at school with her. My brothers are Terry and Paul Andrews from 32 Lexden Drive. I know lots of names you have all mentioned. I married in 1981 and also lived in Silver End, Francis Gardens. Then moved 31 years ago to Whaplode St Catherine, Lincs where we are now. Terry is in Doddington, Cambs and Paul in Harlow, Essex. Kae, I mentioned your family to my parents who are both still alive aged 88 and 91 (Reg and Bett) both in reasonable health and still in Lexden Drive. Small world isn’t it! Take care of yourselves.

  30. I am just reading all these messages and remember Shirley Barker and Valerie Hopkins. If my memory serves me right they both lived very close to me in Bawdsey Avenue, Newbury Park. Also I was good friends with Carol Taylor and Anne Lemon.

  31. Hi Sandra.
    Sorry its taken me so long to get back but I have been away on a cruise around New Zealand. Yes I remember your Mum and Dad well, also Terry and Paul. You must be a bit younger. My Mum died in 1996 aged 78 and Dad died in 2009, he was 97. Do remember me to your Mum and Dad. I have fond memories of Lexden Drive and also Mayfield girls school. Love talking to you. Do you know anything about the Bowhanans that lived at 36, Victor, Hazel, June, Linda and Carol?

  32. Hi Kae, hope you had a great time on the cruise, weather must have been beaut. I think you must be around Terry’s age. He is 10 years older than me. The Bowhanans, yes, they moved many years ago into the Southend area. So have no news of them but do you remember the Days, Richard and Bridgette? Their parents died many years ago and both Bridgette and Richard are married living somewhere on the Essex coast. The Gosling family from number 42 are all married and Ronnie lives in Essex as does his brother. His two sisters Linda and Jennifer, Linda lives in the USA and Jennifer in Canada. Do you remember the Willimonts from number 25? They were a big family. Margaret, Jan, Brian, Peter, Shirley, Leslie and the youngest cannot remember his name. But Brian still lives at 23, he inherited the house. Leslie lives in Monaco as does the youngest brother. Margaret, Shirley and Jan are all local in Essex. My brother Terry and Ronnie Gosling keep in touch, the usual stuff, Xmas, births, deaths and weddings. Ronnie remembers the Thurlow family and sends his regards too. Also you must remember Veronica and Arthur Peaceful from number 31. Sadly Veronica died three years ago from a bee sting (anaphaletic shock) but Arthur is still alive and lives in Corringham Essex. Their parents died in the early 70’s and in 2012. Do you remember Judith and Stephen from number 5? Both their parents passed away many years ago and Judith (she had Down’s syndrome) lived till she was 63. Such a shame she was so independent and had her own home, and managed very well on her own. Stephen is married and lives in Essex somewhere. I don’t know if you knew the Gallican family from number 27? The children were Margaret (known as Peggy), Billy and Valerie. Margaret lives in Brighton. I am yet to find out where Valerie and Billy are from Margaret, who has also made contact via this site. Well I’ve gone on long enough now. Keep well and mum says how are the rest of the Thurlows, she says she also has happy memories of you all living next door. Best Regards Sandra

  33. Msg for Sandra Andrews. Hi Sandra I hope you get this. I used to live at number 33 next door to the Peacefulls. Both my parents passed away only 3 years ago Dad in his 99th year and Mum 92 and then sadly my brother Vic who was 8 years older than me passed away last year all so sad re my brother. I am in touch with Tony Roffey (Veronica Peacefull’s husband and Tony and Arthur Peacefull came to my parents funerals and Arthur to my brothers.) Would love to hear from you Sandra I think you were younger than me but I left Mayfield in 1965 aged 15.

  34. Hi Barbara. Yes I do remember you, but as you rightly say, you are just a few years older than me. Albeit I’m 56 now! I was aware that your mum and dad had passed, sorry to hear about brother Vic. Mum and dad are both alive but both have got their ailments now. Dad is 92 and old age has come on him quickly. Mum is 89 soon. Both still in Lexden at 32 and otherwise keeping well. I live just outside Holbeach in Lincolnshire. Terry, who I think is around your age, lives in Doddington, March. Terry is now retired and Paul and I both still work. Paul is due to retire next year. I work part time as a housing manager and although I only do 2 1/2 days a week, feels like 7 sometimes. Oh well happy days aye! Glad to hear you are well. Take care. Sandra

  35. Hi Sandra so good to get a response from you. Wonder if you fancy linking up via email so I can just have a more private chat but of course only if you wish to. My email address is (address forwarded to Sandra – Ed). I hope to hear from you. Barbara

  36. I think I remember Valerie Hopkins, did you live near Carol Taylor in Newbury Park?

  37. Hi there Julie – not sure I remember you. I left in 1962 and lived in Abercorn Gardens, a few minutes walk from Mayfield. I am currently on holiday in the Algarve, soaking up the sunshine.

  38. No, the Valerie I knew did not live in that road. Anyway, thank you for responding and enjoy the sunshine. 🙂

  39. Hi Jennifer
    I cant say I remember you, in fact at first I confused you with another Jennifer, Jennifer Lines. But your brother Christopher and Allan Cullen used to knock about together with me. It was the mention of the windmill in the garden that set me straight. I can remember coming home from school with Chris & Allan and pushing the emergency button in the phone box and singing Hang Down Your Head Tom Dolley with them LOL
    You mentioned Colin McGowan and soccer I think he may have been in the same team as an older brother John, the team was called Malva, my older brother was a player, and I made a few bob washing the shirts at the local launderette in Goodmayes Lane
    Another name that leapt off the page was Babara Allum, I am fairly sure we sat next to each other at Barley Lane Jnrs.
    Tchau for now

  40. Hi yes I knew Jennifer Want our gardens almost backed onto one another. I lived in Lexden and you in Barley Lane, I used to hop over the gardens to get to your house.

    WOW Steve Painter yes we did sit together at school, do get in touch would love to hear from you Barbara

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