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  1. Hi Lesley, do you mean June Garrard she lived in Goodmayes Avenue? I’m not sure if she had a sister. I would like to contact her.

  2. Hi Judy, yes you are right, I did mean June Garrard. Think she had brothers rather than a sister. Will let you know if I hear anything…

  3. I don’t know if you noticed but Jeannine is already on list. Did your dad work at UD? He posibly knew my dad.

  4. Hi Lesley

    I remember Carol Golder as she was my friend during my time at Mayfield. I often wonder what happened to her and several others including Daphne James and Eileen Read. I always remember how good you were at swimming, and most other sports, and wondered if you pursued a career in sport?

  5. Hi Tricia,
    Suddenly realised I had not replied to you – oophs. I did not pursue a career in sport but have continued to do the normal sort of stuff, aerobics both ordinary and water plus cycling and doing stuff with the children. Of course things change over the years and am happy to go walking with the dogs and of course water aerobics. Had bad osteoarthritis so joint replacements have occurred which obviously limits what I can do. How about you?

  6. Hi Judy
    Apologies for the delay, I am afraid my Dad did not work for UD but was a sales rep for a water fitting company. Sadly he passed away in 2001.

  7. Hallo Lesley
    I married, had children, worked in the usual office environment etc. Now I look after my two grandchildren most days while my daughter works in her salon at home. School holidays are busy of course, when both girls are home, but the little one goes to nursery twice a week now, so I do get some time off (for good behaviour). Retired now, so time was my own until my daughter decided to set up her own business. Roll on the time when both girls go to school full time.
    Glad things went well for you, hope your sister Jenny is well too.
    love Tricia

  8. Hi Tricia
    Sounds like you have your hands full with the grandchildren. I do miss mine as they are in the UK and I am here in Australia, never mind. I do try to get over yearly to see them and my other son and daughter. Good luck to your daughter and her business. Sister Jenny is enjoying life with her second husband in Spain. They emigrated when they retired and do get back at least twice a year to the UK to see her children and grandchildren. She worked for Epsom for years and thoroughly enjoyed it looking back. Of course we all whinge and moan while we are working but generally they were good years. My first marriage broke up and although I vowed never to marry again I did of course. Hope to be back in the UK in October as my son is finally getting married. Take care and nice to touch base with you. Will pass on your news with Jenny. Toodles for now.

  9. Hello Lesley. Lovely that you remembered me (Susan Hewson) I remember you well, a great swimmer! I lived in Kinfauns Road and was friends with June Garrard and Jeanine Dignum. Have been in contact with Jeanine but sadly no news of June. I moved from Goodmayes in 1963 and lived in Lincolnshire for a few years before moving to Leicestershire where I met my husband. I have 2 daughters and five grandchildren. In 2009 a nephew who lives in Australia got married and I flew over to Melbourne for a week and then flew to Brisbane (Byron Bay) for the wedding. Where in Australia do you live?
    Take care, best wishes Sue.

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