1962 Netball Squad — 3 Comments

  1. Nice photo… Mary, do you have any contact with Joan Turner, twin sister of Jean Turner? She was my best friend at Mayfield. Val Butler (nee Diggines)

  2. Hello Val – so sorry but don’t know of Joan’s whereabouts. How about contacting Irene Willis? She might be able to help.

    Mary Nice (nee Slack)

  3. Hi, Mary, just picked up your reply… obviously been looking in the wrong place. How are you? do you still live in Essex? My ex husband and I moved down to the south coast with I.B.M when I was 21. We had two children. I studied and became a sports and fitness coach for colleges and fitness centres in Hampshire. Lived and worked in Spain for 7 years. Now back home down south. What have you been up to? I always remember all the sport we played at school. Miss Gobby, (ALWAYS SHOUTING) and quite a few of the other teachers. Joan was my best friend at school, I played tennis and other sport with Jean her sister. But for some reason (which ’till this day I don’t know why) they fell out with me, which made me very sad. One of my very vivid memories is of your mum trying to fix my finger which I had nearly chopped of doing gardening. It was so important to me as we had a rounders match the next day. I was on first post receiving thunder bolts form Hilary who was back stop – OUCH! I can’t remember the name Irene Willis but I’ll look her up. Hope you receive this message and can find the time to reply.

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