1962 Rounders Team — 5 Comments

  1. Hello Mary, you must remember me, we were in all the sport teams together with Jean Turner. Joan was my best friend, do you now if she is well etc. I always remember your mum trying to patch up my rather badly cut up finger before a rounders match. Hope you are well. Would be good to hear from you, Val.
    Valerie Butler (nee Diggines)

  2. Hello Val. Hope you are keeping ok. Yes, I certainly remember you and our sporting days at Mayfield! Afraid I’m not in touch with Jean or Joan Turner, although I occasionally read Mayfield’s news and keep in touch that way.
    Mary Nice (nee Slack)

  3. Second from right seated – does anyone know if that is Hilary Shrimpton, Allan Shrimpton’s sister and my aunt?

  4. Hello. Yes second from right, seated, is Hilary Shrimpton. Good sportswoman X

  5. Ah thanks so much they lost touch then I found out she passed in 2010 x

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