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  1. Hello again Sandra. sorry to be a pain but could you let me know again which photo you said you and Jackie were in and where you were standing. I meant to jot it down and look it up later but it seems to have vanished. Hope Christmas went well. Happy new year 🙂
    Peter Colby

  2. I remember you Sandra, seeing you in the class photo too, but I don’t know where I was as I’m not in it. Am married with 2 Daughters and a son and live in Hornchurch now, and yes remember Miss Tappendon leaving. Hope life has been kind to you.

    Jennifer Want

  3. Hello Sandra. I do remember your name. I did the commercial course too. I must say I could not wait to move out of Ilford and I have lived in South Kensington and now Earls Court for years. I still love the diversity of London. In case you dont remember me I was pals with Denise Harries – if that rings any bells.

    Lorraine Davis (nee Cottey)

  4. Hi Lorraine, yes, I do remember you, also your friends, Pamela Nutt and Denise Harris. The years have flown by, it brought back so many memories when I found this site. I have been living in Western Australia since 1981 but return for visits when I can, I also like the diversity of London. Hope life has been kind to you.
    Sandra Garrett

  5. Lovely to hear from you Sandra. In fact my sister, Allison, has been in Australia for the last six weeks. I wish I were there with her. It is bloody freezing in London today. Yes I married Tony but sadly no children but life has been great. Hope the same for you too.

    Lorraine Cottey

  6. Hi Sandra,
    I remember your name. I was at Mayfeld from 1957 to 1962, and also did the commercial course. Don’t know if you will remember me, unlike you I am still living in Essex.

  7. Hallo Brenda, how nice to hear from you after all these years. In 2010, when I was visiting, I took the train to Chadwell Heath and walked down Overton Drive to the house in Mansted Gardens where I grew up. I used to be friends with Bridgette Laundy, we were born 9 days apart, our mothers used to be friends. There are flats where her cottage was in the High Road. I walked to Mayfield, quite a way from my house, even further from yours. I remember your road, but not your house.
    I enjoyed Mrs Heyhoe’s commercial class, also went to the evening class she held at Mayfield Boys. I dont think I appreciated at the time what a great school Mayfield was. Do you remember Miss Cartwrights Sewing Class? We had to make green gingham aprons and headbands with our names on. She made me stand outside for a whole lesson for talking. I was so worried Miss Tappenden would come along. Hope life has been kind to you, Brenda.

  8. Great to hear from you, Sandra, I was really surprised you remembered me. I lived in Birchdale. I remember Bridget very well, sad she died so young. I am in constant contact with a few of the girls including Freda Waters who has lived in US since she was 21. Recently had contact with Carole Harman through MM. Tony does a brilliant job. Carole lived round the corner from me. I do remember making a gingham skirt. I also went to the boys school for evening classes with Mrs Hayhoe. She was not my favourite teacher. Never mind, Sandra, I spent many a time in the staff corridor, at least the teachers knew who I was. It was mainly because I didn’t want to do PE. I was diagnosed with Asthma in 1973 as you probably remember my Father died in 1957 and he was Asthmatic. My husband died in 1998, I wasn’t dealt a very good hand, but make the most of life. Trust you are well, so lovely to hear from someone who remembers me.

  9. It was a while ago I met up with you Brenda and some of our classmates. What a fantastic chat we had. Sandra, I remember you from commercial course and sewing class. I still have my sewing book with tissue cutouts of how to make darts etc, and my writeup of class trip to Bath. I’ll be in UK early Dec 2015 to mid Feb 2016. If you’re still organising meet-ups Brenda, please email me. x

  10. Hallo Carole, have just seen your message, I remember visiting you at your house in Chadwell Heath, did you have a little sister called Faith and was your Dad a plumber? Hope life has been kind to you. It was lovely to hear from so many people and brought back quite a few memories. We will all be 70 this year, me on June 20th…the years have flown by.

  11. Hi Sandra, not been on site for a long time. 70yrs is now 74yrs still enjoying life with hubby split between Maldon and Kefalonia, Greece. Sad to see on blog that Brenda passed, she lived few doors from me and we walked to school with Carol Barton. Another favourite teacher was Miss Rose for music, such a character. Faith retired now, lives in Hunstanton so don’t see her as often as would like. Looking forward to Christmas with daughters and 4 grandaughters. Hope life is good for you, Merry Christmmas and Happy New Year.x

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