1962 Staff Photos From Panorama — 9 Comments

  1. I did the Commercial Course from 1960 to 1962. Mrs Hayhoe taught us Pitmans shorthand and typing. She was a favourite teacher of mine, she made it so interesting.
    Sandra Garrett

  2. Hello Sandra, just noticed you on this site. I remember a party at your house in Whalebone Lane (in my Doctor Kildare shirt). I am still in touch with many Mayfield mates, you’ll remember Paul Sutton, Kenny Garrad and Dave Boosey from Chadwell. My best mate was always Barry Askew who unfortunately died a couple of years ago from MS. It was a release as he was in a bad state, but I was terribly upset and still think of him every day. I noticed you’re now in Oz so no good inviting you to a reunion. Hope you are well….John Addis x

  3. Hello John, I am sorry but I don’t remember you, I am the girl in the top right hand corner of photo C. I used to live in Chadwell Heath. I remember the Dr Kildare shirts, I had one. So glad I found this site, it has brought back so many memories. Best wishes, Sandra Garrett.

  4. I am in the fourth photo down standing behind Mrs Mendem. Gosh, I remember so many of the pupils by face and even some by name.

  5. Hi Sandra, I to was in the commercial class with Mrs Hayhoe between 60/62, but unlike you she wasn’t my favourite teacher. In fact I think we had an understanding between us not to like each other. She once threw the board rubber at me which fortunately missed me, however I retrieved it and threw it back at her bouncing off the blackboard. I can’t place your face, but remember your name.

  6. Just looking at photos, where are you in them, Brenda? I remember it being taken, trying to put names to faces. I dont remember the incident with blackboard rubber. I enjoyed Pitmans shorthand and still use it sometimes, things we learned then are obsolete now. I still have my RSA Certificate for Shorthand at 100wpm, four of us reached that speed, Judith Godfrey was the fastest at 110, she was Sally’s twin. Looking at the photos jogs my memory and I remember things. Was really pleased to contact Jacqueline’s brother, Peter, after all these years, after seeing his message on RIP Girls. Saw on the news about floods on the east coast. Have a Happy Christmas, Brenda, best of everything in the New Year, really enjoyed hearing from you again.

  7. Thanks for your prompt reply, I don’t appear to be in any of the school photos, no idea why, probably standing in the staff corridor… I am in regular contact with Freda Waters who lives in California, Linda Vince, Val Hopkins Janet Devis and Pamela Jones, who lives in Canada. All of us were in the Pitmans Class, did you go evening classes at Mayfield boys school too. Today we need to be computer literate.
    Enjoy Christmas and healthy New Year, Brenda

  8. I don’t have any school photos so printed off the panorama one. I remember those 2 girls who were talking in it being mentioned in Assembley. Yes, I went to the evening class at Mayfield Boys, I remember the classrooms opened on to a sort of open verandah, must have been cold in Winter. Remember making copies with carbon paper, typing stencils on that wax paper, and printing it off, making a hole in the paper correcting a typing error. I don’t suppose they make typewriters anymore. I have seen the photos of your reunions, I remember the names, nice to catch up with everyones news and keep in touch. Before I found this site I had’t had contact with anyone from school. Well, it’s 10.30 pm here, so I had better think about bed. Regards Sandra

  9. Yes. The ground floor was cold with an open sided rectangular corridor from which magnificent views of the locked in, out of bounds quadrangle could be had with its dead plants, weeds and pampas grass which rarely ever saw the suns rays. I’ve no idea why windows weren’t added like the quite delightful warm and cosy upstairs with its windows and floral displays in boxes. I expect they ran out of money when building the school, but on the other hand buildings are normally built from the bottom upwards not from the top downwards so why weren’t there windows on the ground floor and not on the first floor instead, one of the worlds little mysteries.
    We called it Colditz.

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