1962 Trip To Holland — 7 Comments

  1. Brings back some happy memories also a sad one of Mr Jackson (I never knew his first name) falling and damaging what remained of his leg.

  2. Hi Glyn,

    I have posed the question about Mr Jackson (the geography teacher). ‘Were both his legs artificial?’ It seems following your comments on the 1962 Holland trip you may be able to give a definitive answer. Hope you can help.

    Regards, Derek

  3. Just one leg was false. Before the war he was a very talented soccer player –
    with the promise of a professional career. He lost his leg during the raid
    on Dieppe (I believe). A very sad story

  4. No wonder, it seems he couldn’t let things go, that’s why maybe he seemed to be a bit of a b*stard in his Geography lessons!

  5. Top picture showing 4 boys, the one 2nd on the right wearing sleeveless t-shirt is, I’m quite sure, John(?) Putnam.

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