1962/63 Musical Activities — 7 Comments

  1. I think maybe Mr. Trewin. Mr. Shaw took us for music and I played drums in the school orchestra for one concert. I only joined because we got first dinners and were playing along side the girls school. It’s either girls or food when you’re fifteen. The drummers used to practice in Mr. Trewin’s classroom, although I don’t remember him being in attendance. You may want to get a second opinion on this.
    Michael Stothard

  2. I am 99% sure that it is Mr. Trewin. In 1961/62 he took my form for music. His classroom was the first on the left as you went into the school from the front playground. I can remember having to listen to The Planet Suite for a number of weeks, and having no interest in that kind of music. Mr. Trewin was a really good teacher, trying to convert the unteachable when it came to classical music. He was very enthusiastic and one of the youngest teachers, a nice guy. But he was not impressed by the pop music of the time. I remember him laying into a song by Adam Faith that kept repeating the word baby.
    Malcolm Staight

  3. Hi guys! These were happy days! Great to see these pictures and to hear from you Malcolm and Michael. Thanks for posting the photo Roy, but you could have doctored it first and given me a hair cut!
    Love to hear from you all personally. Either use or
    My memories of the school music are many. I remember practising hard with John Morris was it, another cornet player, until we had mastered Vivaldi’s Twin Trumpet Concerto and eventually playing it with Mr. Shaw accompanying on the piano one Open Evening, in the ‘rectangle’ garden as we called it…..the sound
    echoing all around. Wonderful days! Any one know what happened to John?
    Thanks Howard Barnes

  4. Definitely Mr Trewin. He was my Form Master (1B1) in 1962. Does anyone remember his favourite upperless slipper which he called ‘Susie’. I certainly do!
    I was once summoned to the front of class and told to bend over, he then produced ‘Susie’, took a piece of chalk and wrote ‘ouch’ backwards on it, rolled up his shirt sleeve and took three paces back. I was waiting for the ‘Thwack’ when he walked pass me and opened the classroom door. He then walked back to take up his position and said, ‘I didn’t want you to bang your head on the way out ‘. ‘oooooooouch’. Lovely Man, will never forget him…………or ‘Susie’.
    Pat Lavery.

  5. Well, I think we’re all happy that it IS Mr. Trewin. I really regret not taking music lessons and I wish that someone at school had ‘twisted my arm’. I have had a love of music all my life but only from the sidelines. I have managed bands and solo performers (and still do) and have been a D.J. for more years than I care to remember (The oldest swinger in town !!!). Nice to see the reply from Howard. I bet you would be happy to have that much hair these days Howard!
    Roy Tyzack

  6. I can remember asking Mr Trewin where he got a check shirt he was wearing and was told not to be so cheeky by some nosy teacher. Anyway Mr Trewin obviously didn’t agree and I bought the shirt in Ilford. I can remember him having a good sense of humour making him a popular teacher.
    John Addis

  7. Hello Pat
    I’ve been on this site for a few weeks now and only just discovered your comment. I do remember you in 1b1 sitting at the back overlooking the field and probably gazing out (my lessons were pathetic) and did you break your elbow/arm? I seem to recall some sort of accident. I honestly don’t remember “Susie” as I was always a “feak” and “weeble” man, but most staff had a Kalashnicoff in their cupboards and of course in those days were permitted to use them. I can’t quite believe that I have been retired for 16 yrs and (thank God) in good health. I’m hoping to get to the reunion at Bournemouth of “The class of 64” but shortly leaving for NZ for 6 weeks. I’d love to hear from you and know what youv’e been up to as you were part of my first class, 9/9/61 to be precise.
    Regards Derek
    PS – I am in touch with about 10 geriatrics from the school and you must be retired by now?

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