1962/63 Senior Rugby Team — 9 Comments

  1. The persons next to B. Mead are J. Lowry and I. Watson.
    The person next to I. Ramsey is G. Moull.
    The person next to J. Harvey is J. Riddle.
    The person next to L. Goold is C. Radley.

    Hope this helps. I have this photo also and wrote the names on the back.

  2. This is excellent, Mike, well done and thank you, I think we’ve got the lot now.


  3. Hi Mike
    My brother, Johnny Lowry, is in the group photo of the team. Until a couple of years a go he was still a participating senior athlete, but this age thing catches up with us all. I was not the keen type and followed Johnny through Mayfield a year later. I remember a lot of the names in the photo.
    Regards Danny Lowry.

  4. Hi Danny,
    It’s good that you’ve taken interest to post a comment. Why not tell John and get him to post some of his memories of this photo in particular or the school in general. I remember him well, does he remember me I wonder?
    Brian Mead

  5. I remember Danny Lowry, you were crazy. I remember you had a crash on your bike and needed loads of stitches. I said for a laugh “Did you cut yourself shaving?” You took it well and laughed. Thinking of you made me think of Newman, I think he lived near you. I have to go back to England in June or July for a new passport and I am dreading it. I have completely gone native in Italy. Look after yourself, are you still getting in scrapes?

  6. Is this the Peter Woods that lived just off Grove Rd? No I’m behaving myself, I retired early just over 10 years a go after 36/7 years as a signalman on the railway. Been married for 44 years, 2 children, 2 grand-daughters and 1 great-grand-son. Do you remember being called Weter Poods? I think we used to swap the first letters of Christian and Surnames! I was Lanny Dowry. Yes I remember Micky Newman, but have lost contact with everyone till now. I live out in the wilds of Essex in Laindon. My main hobby is wood turning. I donate a lot of my work to auction for various charities. We are keen on touring with our caravan and are away for several months a year, mainly in the UK. Yes, that is a lovely scar I have. There were 64 stitches put in, though unless you knew it doesn’t show now.
    Regards, Danny

  7. Its amazing how its possible to remember things so long ago. One memory of mine is the cold winter possibly 63, we went to the pictures in Green Lanes and it was so foggy inside you could not see the screen, then there was a power cut so we all got our money back. People used to shout out things in cinemas in those days and throw things at the screen. Then I bought a gas mask and they became trendy in the fog. Mayfield school banned gas masks, they were one shilling in the army and navy. Then as it was so cold we all bought hand warmers powered by lighter fuel, they were banned too. I had the honour of being expelled on my last day for drinking shandy. I went back to the old school for a boot sale one Saturday it seemed small. I thought someone told me you had a motorbike crash. I just remembered when we did Wind In the Willows, that was funny, Dave Sackett and John Taylor were in the cast. I played a horse and my line was “Well I never”. Got to go now, someone at my gate. Ciao from Salento

  8. I remember the gas-masks, we bought them from the army & navy stores opposite the Regal cinema in Ilford. If I remember rightly there were two of you involved in the shandy incident. You bought it from the pub off-sales at the top of Goodmayes Lane, “The Lord Nelson” was it!
    We used to take tomatoes to the Gaumont cinema in Chadwell Heath and throw at the screen, they brought in a retired police officer with his dog to patrol the cinema, we nicknamed him “Maigret”.
    The m/cycle accident involved a friend Malcolm Garry he went over me and fractured his scull. He finished up being a police inspector.
    One person I became good friends with was in a year below us was John Pickering, he lived in Essex Rd, Chadwell Heath, behind the Greyhound pub and I’d like to hear of him. He had a sister called Anne and she had a friend called Julia Parrott who lived in Donald Drive. She married my younger brother David. They divorced and she remarried but we stayed in touch are now very good friends with her and her second husband Dave.
    If anyone can help in tracing John Pickering please do so. Regards to all reading this, Danny.

  9. I will take part in one more trip down memory lane. The pub was the Lord Napier. To the left of the Greyhound there were people living in railway carriages, it was the end of my road. In Essex Road lived many poor people, it makes me sad thinking back. I don’t know the Pickering family but I knew most of the families, I will not mention names. I Remember some of the kids struggled in school. Sunday lunch time the folks from Essex Road would all take their dogs in the pub, some were whippets or lurchers. Of course years later the Greyhound became a young people pub with people like Bill Haley for example performing. I have lost contact with most people I knew and surprisingly many are dead. I took my girlfriend, who is from Vicenza, for a look at Chadwell Heath and she said it looks very poor. When I come back to England for my passport in June or July I will stay with my Sister in Grays who also went to Mayfield. Her name was Jill Woods and was known as Wills Woods at school, she is 71. My cousin Jacky Hook went to Mayfield Girls and was very clever and head girl, she is dead now. If you ever fancy bringing your caravan down near Lecce I will show you around. We have Golden Eagles, sharks, giant turtles, enormous toads, and Lecce is trying to be European city of culture in two or three years. The people here are supposed to be the nicest kindest people in Italy and maybe they are. The history of this place is amazing and was once part of Greece, its also been ruled by Spain and France. Many blue eyed blondes from the Normans.
    Ciao to everyone in England, Peter Woods

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