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  1. Andrew, have just picked up your input to Mayfield Memories. I seem to recall your family running a bakery shop, is this correct? We used to spend hours after school train spotting on the iron bridge, near Goodmayes Station. It seems ages ago. I now live in Devon on a farm. We used to milk cows until I retired. Two children and four grandchildren. It would be good to hear from you.
    Best wishes,
    John Shiell

  2. I just saw your photo of Tony Taylor, I am sure he lived down the road to me in Bawdsey Avenue. He was a sibling of Carole Taylor I think.

  3. Hi John, many thanks for getting in contact. You remember correctly, my grandparents did own the Clarke Brothers bakery shops in Chadwell Heath and Ilford areas, and my father and uncle worked for them as well. Train spotting on the iron bridge, yes of course, how could I forget that. If you would like drop me a line (email address forwarded to John Shiell – Ed) I will answer you in a longer email.

  4. Hi Julie, many thanks for the info about Tony Taylor. I am not sure were he lived during our Mayfield days, but we were in the same class and very often spent time together at school but not privately.
    Best regards,

  5. Hi Andy, I am sure his parents/family had a greengrocer shop locally. I definitely remember Carole Taylor she lived a few houses away from me, we used to get together on occasions, but she was older than me.

  6. Hi Andy
    I see in your picture Mick Pickering. He was a friend of my brother Paul who’s three years older than me. I think he lived in Havering Gardens, Chadwell Heath. Last I knew of him he was living in Clacton and running a sweet shop called Goodrums, about 400 yards from the sea front. This would have been in the 1970s. His family, parents and younger sister, also moved out there. His parents were running a shop at a caravan site near St Osyths. Sorry, nothing else.
    Malcolm Staight

  7. Hi Malcolm, many thanks for your information about Mick Pickering. I seem to remember that during our Mayfield days, Mick’s father worked in the management office at Clark Brothers the Bakers in Chadwell Heath with my father. One night they were working late and were attacked by a gang of robbers that were after the days (or weeks) takings and Mike’s father received a nasty blow on the head. The robbers went away empty handed though as the cash was already in the bank safe.
    Best regards

  8. Hi Andrew, I remember Anthony and Carol Taylor, they lived opposite my sister, Doris, in Montpelier Gardens, I lived in Mansted Gardens, we went to Chadwell Heath School in the High Road. I don’t remember Carol at Mayfield, she was younger than me. In later years when Doris moved to Folkestone, I saw Anthony again when he visited with his wife. I will ask Doris when I next write if she has any information on him. If she does I’ll ask to tell him about Mayfield Memories.

  9. Hi Sandra. Many thanks for the information about Tony Taylor. I didn’t know Carol and I only knew Tony from school days and not out of school. Please do, if you get the opportunity, ask your sister to mention Mayfield Memories to Tony. I am sure he will be very surprised to see his photo here. I also have another photo of him and me in the playground that I am sure he would laugh at :-).
    Best regards

  10. Hi Andrew, I have now heard from my sister, Doris, with Anthony Taylor’s address which is (address forwarded to Andrew Clarke… Ed) sorry, no phone number. It is quite a common name so don’t know if it is the Tony you are looking for. Best wishes, Sandra.

  11. Many thanks Geoff for the name. I dont remember a Stuart Norford but I seem to remember his name was Mick Norford, however it was such a long time ago maybe I am wrong.

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