1963 Barry MacLennan — 7 Comments

  1. You lived in my road, you were Ricky Beadels mate. I remember Jock and Eydie and your sister. Ricky came back to the old road once to see people. He smoked like a kipper, wonder if he is alive? Chadwell Avenue, very run down today.

  2. Peter,
    I remember the name but I’m afraid that I can’t put a face to it after half a century.
    I amazed you remember Jock and Edie, both gone now, Edie went about 25 years ago but Jock lasted until 2004, still living in Chadwell Avenue. My sister, Sylvia, is still around and funnily enough she too is in Italy, Gemmano, a small hilltop village a bit inland from Rimini.
    When I retired, about seven years ago, I researched my family tree and as I was paying for access to records I looked for Ricky just out of curiosity but didn’t find him but I did find his brother and got in touch with him. Ricky had just returned from working abroad and I gave his brother my contact details but he didn’t get in touch.

  3. Jock survived on determination he used to walk for miles. Of the old folks in Chadwell Avenue, my Mum was the last to go at 87, my Dad had died 2 years before at 93. One Old lady called Mrs Hadwyn said to me one day, ‘I am going line dancing today’, she was 95. They don’t make people like that anymore. My dad drove till he was 87. I am now a beach bum, I got up this morning and collected bamboo from the beach, it washes up with complete trees. I do what English people often do when the get older I grow roses. I have tried to find out what happened to Joe Poppy who lived under Jock but can’t find out much. He had cancer years ago so maybe it came back. My best friend died young and I don’t know many people in England now. I like the sun so its good for me here. When I go home for my new passport I will keep clear of Chadwell Heath, they say never go back and its true. I am waiting for my Christmas cards as the post is a bit slow. I have Sky TV Italia which has American stuff and I watch BBC through a proxy. I have a broadband at 2 Meg through an antenna on my roof, its fast enough to stream things, its supposed to be 7 Meg. I can phone free to UK through Skipe. Your sister was tall I remember. Rimini is nice but expensive, I looked at Rimini when I was looking around but 50 Euro for 2 pizza and beers is too much. It’s cheap where I live, you can buy a house for 40,000 Euro. Anyway good to see you are doing ok, Ciao for now.

  4. Joe and his wife were still alive when Jock died. In fact they offered to buy his place at just over half of the price the estate agent estimated, I had to decline.

  5. I remember a Barry MacLennan but from Barley Lane school, also Richard Beadell. If my memory serves me correct, when at Barley Lane, a trip to Portsmouth and the Victory ship was organised and on the day whilst on the coach we were told that you wouldn’t be coming because your mother had just died. Has my memory always failed me or was that correct?

  6. Yes Geoff, that’s me. I’m quite moved by your memory of my mum’s death, I did actually go on the trip though.

  7. How strange Barry, I’ve always had it in the back of my mind that you did come and we was told to be nice to you but then thought that maybe you hadn’t come. Must have been a memorable moment in my life because it’s always stayed with me. I can remember sitting on the coach with Jacqueline Purviss or Purkiss and her mum when we were told.

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