1963 Geoffrey Rowe — 6 Comments

  1. He was certainly an ogre, I was brought up before him on a few occasions and even hd the cane on one of them. I didn’t like the way he compared me to my older brother and of course I didn’t dare tell him we were two different people. However, as Deputy Head Prefect in the 5th year, I preferred to deal with misdemeanours myself rather than go to Mr Hicks because I knew he would be less than understanding so I sympathise with your opinion. Having said that, the school was run very much like a Public school and I feel that the discipline and education we received stood us all in very good stead for our lives after we left.

  2. I agree with you. Mr. Hicks and his staff ran tight ship, but it instilled in me a strong sense of personal discipline that has been part of my life ever since. I believe Mayfield’s teaching methods and strict rules of conduct also made me stronger in the face of life’s little adversities.

    Just an afterthought, I never had any issues with Mr. Hicks. In fact I quite respected him.


  3. Agreed, Mr Hicks was tough but it didn’t do us any harm. Shame they don’t bring back the stick and the book.

  4. Now Geoff, I am sure I remember you very clearly having amusing banter with the teachers was it Mr Wyatt or Mr Summers. I can almost remember what you said. Was it about a coach journey and sitting in the front with one of them or am I getting old and confused? You were very lively and used to sit near the door. Isn’t it strange having flashbacks.
    How are you?

  5. I tried to keep under the radar as far as the headmaster was concerned. He didn’t like me and questioned when I was made a prefect in the fourth year. I think his manner was very intimidating but when you think of the scope of characters that went to Mayfield that was hardly surprising. It was my misfortune to be on gate duty when some of the young people who really didn’t want to come to school were ‘delivered’ and were frog marched into classes. The headmaster had a particular skill with the cane but my fear was getting into the punishment book. My dad always said ‘Take your punishment like a man’ as he had a particular bad time at school. I try not to think about my schooldays even though after leaving I did become a research chemist which must reflect on my time at Mayfield.

  6. Mr. Hicks was a sadist. I was taken to him on a regular basis. I used to have a paper round in Chadwell Heath. Invariably the papers were late and so was I getting to school. The prefect at the gate (I won’t mention his name) took great delight in escorting me up to his office, where I was duly caned for the offence. No excuses. I think he took great delight in administering the punishment from an array of weapons in his cupboard. Happy memories…

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