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  1. John, I sat next to you in school, 4e4 and 5e4, Mr Pusey’s class. I also played rugby. After coming back from a broken right leg the two games I remember were against Westminster Fifteen played on Clapham Common, and Finchley Colts who beat us 55 nil, when I was called on to play at full back! In December I am coming down to Aussie for the Ashes tour. Perth, Melbourne and Sydney, arriving Perth on the 12th Dec and flying home from Sydney on 9th Jan. If you are about any time let me know, we could meet up!

  2. Hello John,
    Just found your info on the Mayfield Memories site. I wonder if you remember me – probably not though? I used to live in Chadwell Heath when we both used to go to Mayfield and occasionally I bicycled to your house and we either took the bus to school or bicycled to school (if I remember correctly). We were both in Mr. Puseys class I think, and we both went to the youth club at Goodmayes as well. Other school pals at the time included John Scanes, John Jenkinsen and Bob Rowely. I left school when we moved to Bedfordshire in 1963 and basically lost contact with everybody from those days. I did visit the Goodmayes youth club once about a year later, but I do not remember much about that visit. Hope this brings back some memories of me.
    I now live in Norway were I have been since 1979 and have visited Australia a couple of times which I envy you and wished I had flown south instead on North – but that’s another story.
    Hope you reply so that we can exchange information from those old days, and maybe some updates since then. By the way I loved reading about what you have ben doing with your life – sounds great.
    Best regards – please reply
    Your old pal
    Andy Clarke

  3. Andrew,
    you lived at about 60, something East Road? I have many memories of cycling around with you. Fishing in the River Roding, South Weald Park. Trying to shoot sparrows in the back garden. Email me at my web site and I will get in touch. All the very best John

  4. Hello John
    Looking a those photos of the Mayfield v Fairlop games brought back so many fond memories. Hard for people to understand how we could batter the tar out of one another for 80 minutes, then go off and have tea and snacks, and of course a few beers. I to remember the friendships we made during that time. That will stay with me forever.
    Regards – Barry Malindine, Fairlop Rugby Club

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