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  1. Hi, I can remember being in the same class as your brother, nice to hear of old names from the past, regards Steffan Gregory

  2. Wow, Roy, those owls are good. Much better than the ones I produced! How are you?
    Howard Barnes

  3. Hi Roy
    I remember both you and your brother Barry. I lived over the road from you in Brian Road, Chadwell Heath. Can you remember me? Our paths did not cross at Mayfield as you are about 5 years younger than me. Your brother Barry joined the TA just after I had joined. It was the 45th Essex Signal Regiment, which at that time was based in Brentwood. I believe he was a driver and I was a radio operator. I still have the Regimental photo which he and I are in. Hope you are both well. Give my regards to your Brother. It is good these sites are available to look up old photos of school mates.
    Roger Sears

  4. Hi Roger,

    I remember you well. I hope that you are still fit and enjoying life. I also joined the 45th Essex T.A. and enjoyed about 5 years as a Driver/Electrician B2,leaving at about the time of the big re-organisation. I still keep in touch with many of my old T.A. colleagues and I am due to meet up with former Captain Wilkins quite soon for a drink and a chat. We are trying to collate as many old photos as possible so any that you have would be great to see if you could either make copies or scan and email them to me.

    Barry is very well and living in Whitby on the North Yorkshire coast with his wife Rita. They have 2 children and 5 grand children …. my wife and I decided to settle for a dog and a cat.

    I still pass through Brian Road quite often. It hasn’t changed much apart from the dramatic increase in parked cars. It seems hard to believe that as kids we would play in the road in comparative safety. You can’t enter the road from the Eastern Avenue now so that must be a pain for anyone who lives there, having to go up to Barley lane and back through the side streets every time, just to get home.

    If you’d like to email me at: I will pass on Barry’s details to you, I’m sure that he would like to hear from you.

    Regards Roy

  5. Hi Howard,

    I am exceeding well thank you, I hope that you are too. I treasure my owls as they are the only decent thing that I ever made. I was a total liability anywhere near woodworking tools or metalwork lathes so I have nothing to show for the teachers hard labours. However, I can still recall the very distinctive but quite different smells of the 2 rooms, the smell of the oil, filings and machinery in the metalwork room and the sawdust, wood glue, varnish and newly sawn wood in Mr. Skinner’s woodwork class.

    I hope you liked to photos that I took of all the staff members and the couple of you and the band in the quad. People thought that I was mad at the time, taking photos of everyone but I have a burning sense of ‘a moment in time’ and I’m so glad that I captured all those faces.

    Perhaps we’ll have an opportunity to meet up some time if we can get a reunion arranged although, of course, everyone is a bit spread about these days.

    Regards Roy

  6. Hi Steffan, I will pass your name on to Barry, I’m sure that he will remember you. He is quite well and enjoying retirement in Whitby North Yorkshire. Let me know if you would like his contact details and I shall pass them on with pleasure.
    Regards Roy

  7. Hi Roy. I don’t really remember you but I do remember being told to dismount at the school gate. I thought then you’d make a good copper. I also lived in Brian Road Chadwell Heath, but have lost track of all old school friends.
    Paul Houghton

  8. Hi Paul,

    I’m sure you’d remember me if you were the one who punched me on the nose. Where were you in Brian Road? I was at 111 which was about half way between First and Second Avenue on the left going toward the Eastern Avenue.
    Regards Roy

  9. No it was not me that punched you as I am not really violent. I lived at 168, which is on the right at the top by the Eastern Ave. Ex council houses. Regards Paul

  10. Hi Roy and Paul

    I too lived in Brian Road at 131, half way between you, but don’t remember either of you as a few years younger – at Mayfield 1961/66. You may remember my brother, Paul, who was there 1958/63. Up until 2006 my mum still lived there so I often went back to Brian Road. The point about the cars is interesting. In the late 1950s, up to about 1961, the only cars I can remember were at 143, Mr Baines, Mr Wood at 141 and Mr Kaylor who must have lived around 105. On the other side of the road near the piller box an old black Ford popular was usually parked, which I think belonged to the Holland family. My younger brother, Gary, lives in Jarrow road nowadays so its great visiting him and going down memory lane. Like you I remember playing in the road, mainly football.
    Malcolm Staight

  11. Hi Roy and Malcolm. How can you live in the same road and not know each other? I did knock a round with George Baines and his sister who was a great swimmer. I still get down there to see my Mother and my best friend Jeff Jones who lived in Black Bush Avenue. I also talk to Glynis Ward who lived in Sommerville Road, opposite the Co-Op shop and Dobsons sweet shop.

  12. Hi Malcolm,

    Thanks for your note. I certainly remember your name. Nice to talk to another old ‘BrianRoadian’! I’m surprised that we didn’t know each other better as we lived so close to each other. With regard to the cars, my dad’s various company cars, starting with a black Ford Prefect and working up through the years through a lime green Cortina, Blue Ford Corsair, a Bright Red Hillman Minx and then large maroon Ford Zephyr would have been outside 111. Harry Kayler did, indeed, live at 105 and over the years had a Standard Vanguard, Vauxhall Cresta and then a Blue and White Austin Cambridge which, sadly, was the car that his son David, my closest friend, was killed in when we were out together in 1965. Harry and his wife Betty have long since passed on, having never got over David’s death. Their daughter Jaqueline is still alive and living, I believe, in Surrey.

    My old blue VW Beetle would have been outside 111 during the 60’s along with my brother Barry’s various cars including his Rover 90 and then his black Morris Minor. Sorry to sound like a real car ‘Anorak’ but I have always loved cars and anything to do with driving.

    I remember a Police Officer who lived toward your house and recall seeing a Morris Minor ‘Panda’ car outside his house quite often. When he retired he ran a car sales lot on the Eastern Avenue near Basildon. Barry and I did a bit of car ‘Ferrying’ for him, did you know him?

    I’m pleased that Brian Road still retains some of it’s character with not too many gardens paved over for car parking although that has happened to 111.

    I remember a girl named Simone who lived opposite me, toward the pillar box and my next door neighbours at 113, Ernie and Edna Main with their daughters Geraldine and Pauline. The Main’s both worked at Goodmayes hospital which we all knew (very un-P.C.) as the ‘looney bin’.

    If you should, by any chance, have any old photos of Brian Road, I would be pleased to see them.


  13. Hi Roy and Paul
    Thanks for your replies. Firstly Pat Baines sister, of George, was an outstanding swimmer, swimming for GB on 100 butterfly on many occasions. I understand George lives about 3 miles north of Romford these days. Their Dad, Chick, had a car as he worked in a repair garage not far from Ilford swimming pool. He died of cancer late 1960s early 1970s.
    Re Harry Kaylors son David, I well remember the morning after he died. We had school swim club training at Ilford pool before school with Mr Larcombe and Stan Franklin. I found out from one of the other swimmers probably George Baines. From what I remember was that the car came off the road and went into a tree and David was the only one Killed. I also remember his sister who was roughly the same age as me. Funny as I live in Surrey, she could be round the corner and I wouldn’t know. Davids death certainly totally changed the family, mum and dad never recovered.
    Re Photos. Somewhere I know I have a photo from my front bedroom window out on to Brian Road in which my Dad is washing his Morris Oxford and my brother is washing his car. This would have been 1967/78. If I ever find it I will get it posted.
    Just to add, of course Mr Pusey a Mayfield teacher lived in Brian Road. Just past 2nd Ave near the house with the Monkey tree in the front garden. I have read a lot on this site about the youth club he ran at the school.

  14. Hi Malcolm,

    I remember George and his sister Pat very well and of course, Mr. Pusey. Do you remember the night that the house at 103 was struck by lightning ? The chap who lived there was a very keen radio ham and he had a massive aerial at the foot of the garden and his box room was kitted out with radio equipment. The house was struck during the night and the force split one of the beams in the loft as if it was a match stick. The gas fires were blown out of the walls with the pressure, every light bulb in the house exploded and his precious radio equipment was burnt out. The couple were friends of my parents and I went round the house, including the loft, taking photos which I still have. The couple had just adopted a little girl and they had a spot check from the adoption people the following morning with the house covered with soot and glass from broken light bulbs and fire engines outside … not a good start !

    I also remember a senior Salvation Army officer living near the Kaylers and every Christmas eve, a small uniformed group would come and play gathered round the lamp post outside his house.

    You are right about David’s fatal accident. We always went out together but on this night I had to pick up my girlfriend and David had agreed to smuggle a couple of boarders out from Chigwell school so we took both cars and arranged to meet at the Gardeners Arms in Loughton. We scraped up the money to buy half a pint of shandy each so alcohol was not an issue. When we left, David drove away a minute or so ahead of me and when I came round the bend in Chigwell, I saw that the car had hit a tree on the off side of the road. When I got to the car, David was dead, having hit his head on the car roof above the windscreen. The car was severely damaged. One of the other boys John Holmes was lying with his head in the passenger foot well and he was seriously injured with head injuries. When the Police and ambulance arrived, I told them that there had been another boy in the car, Pete Jamieson but despite a search of the fields we couldn’t find him. It transpired that he had walked back to school and told the nurse that he had fallen down stairs. She realised that he had glass in this hair and he was taken to hospital too.

    Whilst we were in the pub, Pete Jamieson kept asking David if he could drive his car back to the school. David kept refusing as, apart from me, nobody else was ever allowed to drive David’s car, which he treasured. I have always believed that Pete Jamieson had his way and talked David into letting him drive the car and he has avoided any contact with me from that day onward.

    The tree is a constant reminder to me every time I pass the spot as, even after all these years, the bark has never grown back and there is a large patch on the trunk where the car hit.


  15. Hi Roy
    Regarding the car crash, my parents told me that the Kaylors view was David may not have been driving. Another note on this sad matter was many years later I went to the doctors in Goodmayes and had a new doctor. My mum was sure that he was one of the boys in the car.
    Two more facts about Brian Road residents. Pat Baines was a bridesmaid at the wedding of Olympic swimming gold medalist Anita Longsboruogh and her Husband world cycling champion Hugh Porter. I was able to have talk to Anita whilst away at the swimming world champs in 2003 as I was a coach on the GB team. Anita works for the press. She said she hadn’t seen Pat for years but still got a yearly christmas card.
    The other person was Dougie Wood who lived at 141 Brian Road with sister Carol and Brother Barry. In about 1997 Dougie won 2.4 million on the lottery. Sadly he died about 2 years ago. He never got married but he appeared on TV a fair bit. Esta Ransom had him on TV a number of times giving an insight into being a lottery winner. I saw His younger Brother Barry a few times after that as he was living in Rochford Ave which is just off Brian Road. Barry told me some great stories about what Doug had done with his newly aquired money. He had treated Barry and his sister very well and given a lot to good causes. The funny thing was Dougie never learned to drive, but got a car and had a very pretty lady driver who took him everywhere.
    Malcolm Staight

  16. Hi Malcolm,

    Thanks for your update. Just a couple of things. The doctor in Green Lanes was Tony Pruss. He was a good friend of David and me and I still keep in touch. He was also the ‘Divisional Surgeon’ (Police doctor) whilst I served at Ilford Police Station through the 80’s. He and his brother Adrian were at Chigwell School with David, but Tony was not one of the boys in the car as they were Pete Jamieson and John Holmes who both ‘boarded’ at Chigwell.

    It may be a coincidence but I have a brother Barry and sister Carole. I suppose there could have been another family with the same siblings in Brian Road. Sadly though, I have never won the lottery!

    Roy Tyzack

  17. Just as well Chris, they’re my only real successes! Great reunion last night, thanks.

  18. Hi Roy my name as above maiden name Allum. I recall your brother and I think he was friends with my brother Victor (Vic) Allum. Sadly Vic is a stroke victim so cannot contact anyone so doing it on his behalf. See you worked for Essex Police I was with them for 16 years – and chatting to an old work colleague today Dave Fincham and he recognised your name when I mentioned it. Hope to hear from you.

  19. Barbara Allum, that’s a blast from the past and something of a coincidence. My Mum is still going strong and still living in the same house we had when I was at Barley Lane Primary,earlier this week I was there for a couple of days and took her out for a ride round, pointing out where old school friends lived, I mentioned you, Martin Wheeler the Day’s and Linda Carter to name just a few…. amazing how the names come back in a flood! Sorry to hear about your brother but hope that all else is well with you,

  20. Hi Mike I am wracking my brain as to who you are but you recall all the people I do, Martin Wheeler, the Day’s and Linda Carter. Please get in touch so I can get the old brain cells working. Barbara.

  21. We were in the same year at Barley Lane in Mrs Wolfe’s class in top year. Very fair hair, played football for school, bit of a naughty boy and I lived in Gresham Drive, next door to the Preedys …. look me up on f/b Mike

  22. Yes I have already started to remember you. Oh my goodness Mrs Wolfe and if my memory serves me correctly she was a bit frightening. I will look you up on FB. I have just found a photograph taken in 1953 but I think they are all Lexden Drive kids but I still remember so many of them. Right onto FB to look you up. Barbara.

  23. Hi Roy, how are you I didn’t realize you went to Mayfield. I was there from 1962 to 1967 in 1A2 in the same class as Barry Askew who I saw had passed away. I’m retired now as my Police pension kicked in when I was 60. The last time I saw was you in your office in Seven Kings enquiring about a position with your company. Hope you are well. Hope to hear from you.
    Paul Conley ex H K G and J divisions.

  24. Hi Paul,

    I am extremely well thanks and also enjoy a police pension, although busier now than I have ever been! A lot has happened since those Seven Kings days including nearly 10 years with Essex Police M.I.T. I will be organising a Mayfield reunion in 2014, probably around May. It won’t be for a specific year or class so perhaps you will be able to attend. What have you been up to since we last met? Perhaps you can contact me via my email and we can catch up. Regards, Roy

  25. Hi anyone out there remember Michael Howe? He was 21 when he was killed. As far as I remember he was a big time Mod and was killed when he went head first into a lamp post whilst driving his scooter. No crash helmets those days. He and I were friends in our school days and he used to come around to my house.

  26. Hi Christine yes I remember Michael Howe lived on the Marks Gate estate knew his brother but cant remember his name. If I remember right he was found dead in Ilford as you say come off his scooter and hit a lamp post. I dont think the police ever found out how the accident happened. Long time ago now about all I can remember. Hope this helps Paul Conley.

  27. Hello Roy, Christine and Paul
    I left Mayfield in 1967, I remember a Trevor Howe from South Park and early Mayfield days. Trevor lived in that area and had an older brother. Could this be the Brother you may remember? All the best Mick Stothard.

  28. Hello Paul. Michael’s brothers were Trevor and Barry. I’ve never forgotten Michael and was saddened when my mum told me at the time. He was a very nice person. Such a shame his life was cut so short eh. Thank for responding. Christine

  29. Having only found this site yesterday, Michael and his brother Barry lived in the 2nd house on the left in Crabtree Ave coming in from Padnall Road. I lived 2 houses down from the Off-Licence in Padnall Road. I was at Mayfield from 1959 to 1964.

  30. Hi Roy
    I used to see you when we were cycling to school, we used to pass each other as you went to the boys school and I went to the girls school. Someone told me your name. When I started work I worked with your brother Barry at the L E B in Seven Kings, my name then was Bland. I met your mum on one occasion when she kindly made me a cup of tea. I went on to work for Zurick Insurance and Lloyds bank both in the City. I was also a school governor. I have 2 children and 8 grandchildren. I’m 75 now and have just celebrated my silver wedding to my second husband, we live in Leigh on Sea. My regards to both you and Barry keep well in this strange time.

  31. Hi Janet. If you worked at the LEB shop in the early mid 1960’s you may remember a big black Daimler Majestic Major that nearly came crashing through the window, that was me. I was on a road test from the garage when the brakes failed entirely. There was a pile up of stopped traffic ahead, automatic gearbox, weak handbrake so I had no alternative but to hurl it into the side turning with your shop on the corner, the one that leads to the Crickle field. At about 30mph it screeched and lurched onto two wheels and nearly rolled over and luckily missed you. I would have rammed hard all the stationary cars ahead if I hadn’t done so, those limo’s weighed well over 2 tons. It shook me up a bit, some say I never recovered. I walked back to the garage in Green Lane, ”Flower Motors” for the breakdown truck and dragged it back.

  32. Hi Janet,

    I remember those cycle journey’s to school, O.k going as Barley Lane was downhill all the way but slightly harder coming home ! Hope you are well. Barry is fine and lives in Whitby with his wife Rita and they also met at the L.E.B.

    I’m sure I remember you as well, did you live in Ley Street or was that another janet ?

    Barry went on to work for General Motors Finance and is now retired.

    They have 2 daughter’s, who are both married with children.

    I had a career in the Police, first the Met and then Essex murder squad and I retired from Police work in 2010. I am married to Penelope and I am now a medic and First aid instructor and live in the village of Navestock between Ongar and Brentwood.

    We know Leigh on sea well and often visit Old Leigh to walk the dog and have breakfast.

    Are you on facebook ? If so, please send me a friend request and we can keep in touch and share a few photos or perhaps meet up for a coffee next time we are in Leigh.

    Keep safe and well.

  33. Hi Roy
    That was another Janet, I think she was Janet Smith. As you say I had an up hill journey in Barley Lane cycling to school. I still regularly cycle around Leigh on sea, try to keep fit.
    Best regards Janet Bland.

  34. Hi Tony Atkinson
    What an adventure with your car. I worked in the offices above the showroom, I am sure I would have known about that incident if I had still been working there. I left in 1965 following my 1st. marriage to work for Zurich Insurance Company in London. Am I right in thinking your incident happened after I left.
    Regards Janet Bland

  35. Hi Roy,

    I think our paths crossed work-wise at one point, but can’t remember for sure where: In previous existences(!), I worked at Snaresbrook Crown Court, Ilford County Court and also for Essex Police (on the administrative side, not policing, and also as an IT Trainer training PNC, amongst other things). Many memories of those days and the characters I worked with, I could write a book.

  36. Hi – I lived in Brian Road at numbers 31 and 44. I left Mayfield Boys in 1967. Any memories of me?

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