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  1. I was in class 1A1 and as far as my memory goes it was you that taught me the rudiments of chess!
    Outside of school I seem to remember that you had an “auntie” who owned or ran a newsagents called “Bells” at the bottom of Westwood Road in Seven Kings High Road.

  2. Geoff,
    Nice to hear from you. I cannot remember teaching you chess, but it was something that I played in those days considerably better than I do now. You are right about the Newsagents. The shop belonged to my grandfather but by the time I was in secondary school was being managed by my Auntie Grace. A fearful woman with a good heart who stood nonsense from nobody. I have added a picture to the above post of the shop with my grandfather taken some time after the war if you are interested.
    Best wishes,


  3. Hi Malcolm do you remember me? I remember you playing the organ at Seven Kings Methodist Church. I now live in Orsett and have 3 Grandchildren my mum is 94 and as sharp as a knife. How is life with you.

  4. God yes of course I do. You used to live up Highbury Gardens and had an elder brother. Its been a long time – how are you doing. I am still playing the organ, although not at Seven Kings. Last weekend I was playing the organ at Trondheim Cathedral, Norway – just for fun. I got married and had three children who are all doing well and now have four grandchildren who are adorable. I have been a Magistrate for 20 years, 15 of those on the Family Proceeding Court sorting out children suffering abuse, neglect or separated parents who have never grown up! I still live in the area but at Buckhurst Hill. Give my regards to your mum.

  5. Hi Malcolm
    Good to hear from you. Playing the organ for fun in Norway sounds good to me. I am still working 3 days a week as a practice nurse in Chadwell Heath, before that I was a health visitor. Did lots of child protection and met a lot of parents who never grew up too! My brother lives on Canvey Island and is retired. He lives next door to my mum but I have no contact directly with him. Long story, but it would not be an unfamiliar one to you. Great, how if used wisely, these social networks can fill in the ‘I wonder what happened to’ moments.

  6. Hi Susan. Thanks for the reply. As you are still reasonably local I would welcome the opportunity to meet up sometime at a place/time suitable to you. Not sure how we can make that contact through this site but if the ‘moderator’ is watching – please pass on my email address to Susan.

    (Email address forwarded as requested – Ed)

  7. Hi Malcolm
    I remember your family of 48 Betchworth. Your Father and Mother were very kind to me and my family when my Father died in 1952. We lived at 37 Betchworth just across the road to you. I also remember your sister Marian. Do you remember the street party for the Queen’s Silver? Also I remember your Dad playing cards with Nightingale’s fish shop owners in Green Lane and the owner (son I think) of the Seven Kings Road fish shop.

  8. Hi Terry,
    I remember your family well. You are a few years older than me but Ann and I spent our young years playing together in both your house and mine. I don’t remember you dad dying as I was only 5 but I am sure Mum would have been good to you all. I also remember that your mum supported mine when her mum died – one of my lasting memories from my childhood. You also had an elder sister Maureen as I recall. I had been accepted for a job in the USA but she wrote to your mum telling me not to go as I would likely be sent to Vietnam. I have been married 40 years, have three children and four lovely grandchildren. I came out of full time employment 20 years ago and ran my own IT company – I also joined the Magistracy and have been a lay judge for the last 20 years. I specialise in the task of deciding whether children are safe and nurtured with their parents and whether they should be removed into care. Please pass on my best wishes to Ann and I wish you and your family well too. I heard you tried to contact me through the Scouts and I gave Bill the OK to pass on my email address so hopefully we will correspond more.
    Best wishes,

  9. Hi Malcolm
    Thanks for replying. Do you remember my wife Sheila. We stayed in Seven Kings for 3 years after we got married. We have now been married for 51 years and have 2 children and 2 grandchildren. We moved to Kingsdown near Deal in Kent 12 years ago. Ann and her family moved just up the road, 8 years ago, with her family. You did not mention your sister is she ok? My email address is (address forwarded to Malcolm – Ed). Please keep in touch.
    Best of luck – Terry

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