1964 Trevor Lewis — 5 Comments

  1. Hi Trevor,

    You are looking well. Nice to see you. What does one say after all these years. I think we met up last at our wedding about 38 years ago. All the best, Kim Boland

  2. Hi Kim. I also remember you (in the words of Frank Ifield)! Sometimes we’d see each other on the Central Line traveling to work in London in the 1960’s. Hope you are OK. At our age, it’s good to still be above ground. Cheers – Chris Parkhurst

  3. Hi Kim
    Lovely to hear from you. Where are you living? Any chance of meeting up?
    Regards – Trevor Lewis

  4. Hi Chris, I’m going to have to do some overtime with the gray matter but hopefully something will come back to me. Lots of my memories have to do with various teachers, Trevor and a few other guys we hung about with.
    Thanks for getting in touch

  5. Hello Trevor,
    I think the last time we met was in 1970/71. I was working for the GLC and you were working for ICL Datasafe, possibly. Anyway, it was a long time ago. You certainly seem to be keeping well.

    Best regards,

    John Hughes

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